Filter Fan Unit - Aseptic

Filter Fan Unit - Aseptic
Ortner PLUS
  • Integrated UVC sterilization unit assures microbiologically clean air
  • Multi-functional filter fan units bring particle and germ free environment
  • Direct and optimal protection of goods
  • Easy to install units
  • Easy pre-filter replacement 
  • Meets the requirements of the GMP guidelines

The Filter Fan Unit Aseptic line consists of special, multi-functional Filter Fan Units. It has been developed to international standards and guidelines for the use in the food industry. As a top-mount unit on beverage plants or as an individual air circulation module, the FFU Aseptic creates an environment free from particles and germs. In addition to filtering coarse dust and fine particles, the UVC brings in microbiologically clean air. This assures optimal product protection plus clean breathing air.

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