Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment and obligation to take a leading role in the field of sustainability is deeply anchored in our corporate values. Long-term thinking and sustainable action are our answers to ever faster changes, while always ensuring that the natural foundations of life are preserved. We also expect this orientation from our partners and suppliers. The principle of sustainability underlies every single one of our processes.

From the development and manufacture of our products and technologies, through the product life cycle, the use of raw materials, to their utilization and disposal. Awareness of regional value creation and social responsibility are incorporated into our strategic planning, as are research and development of alternative decontamination technologies.

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Stefani Rud, CEO Ortner Group
We are convinced that every human being has the potential for sustainable innovation. We would like to emphasize this potential and devote all our energy to the future of cleanroom technology based on the "model of nature", and help shape this future sustainably on the basis of sound basic research. Stefanie Rud, CEO Ortner Group
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Protect the environment

It is important to us to focus all our actions on a future worth living for people in an intact environment. For this reason, we are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which help companies to align their goals and activities with sustainable development. Within the scope of our possibilities, we do everything we can to come a good deal closer to these goals.

Goals for sustainable development
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