PDcT - Photodynamic Disinfection certified Technology

Photodynamic Disinfection certified Technology (PDcT) is a new microbiological germ deactivation method that uses light and a photosensitizer to effectively deactivate microorganisms on surfaces.

PDcT is safe for use on humans, making it possible for the first time ever to decontaminate people in their working environments and thus minimize the transmission of germs from one person to another.

PDcT Mode of Action


The effects of using a photosensitizer and light

Highly reactive oxygen species are generated using irradiation, which destroy the cellular structure
of viral and bacterial membranes via oxidation and lead to the elimination of germs.

Energieschema eines Photosensibilisators

In the Type I process, an interaction develops between an energized photosensitizer and the surrounding substrates, generating radicals and radical ions, such as HO*, and superoxide anions (O2*). The Type II mechanism generates a singlet state of oxygen by directly transferring energy from the triplet state. In both cases the reactive oxygen oxidizes the cell wall, the peptide and lipid cell membrane.

Photosensibilisator & Licht

The specially developed „Dastat-PDc“ Textile

The technical principle behind PDc Technology is the application of a photo-reactive dye (photosesitizer) to a suitable textile. This is the principle that led to the development of the Dastat-PDcT fabric, which produces an antimicrobial effect through the use of a specific dye and irradiation with light.

Parameters of the active
PDc fabric
Type: K21-78-41-A2
Type: K11-78-31-A
Base material in warp and weft direction
Polyester (PES)
Grammage 88g/m2
Air permeability in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9237 (200 kPa)
approx. 50l/min, dm2
Dye Doracryl blue SXB
Color blue
Wash fast to 60°C in accordance with DIN EN ISO 105-C06
Color change 4-5
RKI washing procedure at 70°C
80 cycles
Antibacterial effectiveness (Roombiotic test results)
Microbiological effectiveness
Gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids
Useable for cleanroom classes
C, D

Light technology as activator of photodynamic disinfection

Choosing a suitable light source is crucial for the effectiveness of this technology. The special LED technology used makes it possible to apply wavelengths from the visible light spectrum and is completely safe for the user.

PDcT – Technology with a wide range of applications

PDc-Cleanroom Clothing
PDc-Gowning room system
PDc-Textile duct system
PDc-Personnel Air Lock
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