Safety through cleanliness

Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH develops and manufactures systems and technologies for industries whose day-to-day work requires a germ-reduced environment. As a system supplier for airlocks, isolators, clean air systems and decontamination processes, the Ortner Group has bundled know-how and experience for over 30 years. As a European innovation leader in cleanroom technology, the Austrian family-owned business has established itself on the international market with state-of-the-art technology and reliable service.

The result: fast, safe and reliable processes to protect humans, products, animals, research work and the environment from sources of contamination and particles.

Food Industry and Cleanroom Technology

The differentiation between employee safety and product safety is important for any application or Project. Purified air and the associated airflow will play an essential role in any solution. To condition air that meets certain criteria like temperature, humidity or cleanliness is not only an expensive process but also a complex undertaking. To move air through the ductwork to the point of use consumes energy and to achieve a defined movement of air in free space is a significant challenge.

The major issues in cleanrooms are the production equipment, the manufacturing process and the individuals working in such an environment. Human behavior varies in any given situation and is different for every individual and difficult to control. A sound cleanroom concept takes these issues into account and allows for an intelligent solution that minimizes the impact of human interaction.

Airflow technology

Airflow and drift are differentiated into laminar flow and turbulent flow. Furthermore a distinction is drawn between plug flow or laminar flow (the air is pushed through a room) and dilution flow (the air inside the room and clean air are mixed with each other).
Cleanroom applications with laminar flow have proven to be the system of choice for the food industry. Systems with turbulent flow on the other hand can be counterproductive because the turbulent air can raise germs, spores and other organism from surfaces and allow them to contaminate the product. Smooth laminar flows implemented as plug-flow concepts have shown best results.

 Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow

FFU with distribution module

FFU with distribution module

Laminar Flow Systems

Laminar Flow-Equipment that condition the surrounding air to create a distinctive laminar airflow where needed are not only a very cost effective and flexible solution, they also provide for the option to move vast quantities of air within a laminar flow. The primary goal is to protect the product against any contamination and at the same time the air inside the room is purified as well. Laminar flow equipment is available in various versions.
FFU- Filter Fan Units are small modular laminar flow units which due to their small size allow for highest flexibility at low cost for isolated applications and solutions above production equipment.


Minienvironments are closed or partially closed cleanroom areas like equipment enclosures, transport system tunnels or protective enclosures. This type of cleanroom solution has shown good results throughout the various industries. Minienvironments offer a maximum on protection and are recommended where product needs to be transported through areas with higher risk of contamination or where equipment is located in an impure environment.

Schematic minienvironment solution

Schematic minienvironment solution

Photodynamic Disinfection - microbiological inactivation of germs

We at Ortner understand the entire food processing chain under pure conditions and its environment as complex ecosystems. The decisive factor in doing so is to differentiate microorganisms into useful and so-called “problem germs”. Useful microorganisms do not necessarily have to be eliminated in order to create a clean production environment for food. On the contrary: Especially to prevent the formation of anti-resistance, the mechanisms of useful microorganisms must be made useable.

This is precisely the principle on which the new PDc technology for the disinfection of complex surfaces. The PDcT is safe for use on humans, making it possible for the first time ever to decontaminate people in their working environments and thus minimize the transmission of germs from one person to another.

Cleanroom technology does not clean – it does protect

Technical equipment and cleanrooms for the food industry call for different solutions than the classic cleanroom solutions for other industries. Concepts for the food industry should be based on a linked view which takes influencing factors into consideration. Successful systems consider factors like product, material flow, employee traffic, gowning, behavior, room conditions,

cleaning, production equipment, processes, etc. and only holistic concepts lead to a successful solution. Cleanroom Technology has become a driver in the food industry that with the proper planning delivers convincing economic and qualitative advantages. To accomplish this goal a diligent approach and team work of all decision-makers is a requirement.

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