AFMS - Approved Food Manufacturing System

Closely scrutinized

Our solutions are as individual as our customers. To ensure a maximum of product and production security in the food industry, Ortner has developed a special method of analysis: Approved Food Manufacturing Systems (AFMS). With this tool, Ortner delivers tailored solution concepts for the optimal cleanroom.

Pure safety Intelligent technology

The challenge:
In some respects, production conditioning in the food industry vary considerably.  This result in varying rates of microbiological development. The demands and equipment requirements for achieving an optimized cleanroom require that an accurate analysis be made. Different environments require very different approaches. And this is where Ortner is a specialist. 

The solution:
AFMS is an extensive analysis and planning tool for both existing and new food production facilities. The tool is an independent service developed by Ortner. AFMS aims to identify potentials for reducing the microbial load and to indicate a range of possibilities for improvements. Optimization concepts then raise the safety and shelf life of products.

The AFMS analysis:
AFMS covers all factors influencing the production facility. These include, for example: room concepts, personnel and material flow, air conditioning and ventilation technology, personnel behavior and hygiene, the cleaning schedule and the production process and product handling. Based on the evaluation of this data and an innovative bacteria- and particle-tracking method known as microbiome analysis, a concept for optimizing cleanroom equipment is created. The new method offers a picture of the microbial load at levels of detail not previously achieved.

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