PDc-Textile Air Duct System

PDc-Textile duct system
The Ortner PLUS
  • The PDc-Dastat fabric prevents the growth potential of microorganisms
  • High retention capacity of the textile air hose (filter effect similar to an F7 filter)
  • PDc-Dastat fabric ensures the photodynamic effect even after 80 washing processes
  • Easy installation and very easy to maintain

Air supply via textile ducts is a well-established system in the meat and delicatessen sector. The advantage is draft-free air supply and even air distribution.

The status quo: The functioning of conventional textile air ducts is based solely on this effect. In the event of unfavorable climatic conditions there is a risk of surface contamination occurring on the textile surface. Although the risk can be minimized by special impregnation it cannot be completely excluded.

The innovation: This is where the PDc-Textile Air Duct System comes in. The photodynamic disinfection principle eliminates nearly all the microorganisms. The durable disinfecting effect allows minimization of the upstream filter unit design or reduction to filter class F9 (no HEPA filters required) for clean room requirements. The PDc-Textile Air Duct System consists of a longitudinal supporting structure, equipped with fastening and mounting devices, hook-and-loop fastener for the textile air duct and built-in lighting technology. The textile air duct is simply mounted on the supporting structure and
irradiated from the inside. Flexibility is ensured by special additional components such as arc elements, tees, branches, connecting systems, connecting elements, etc.

PDcT Textile duct system
PDcT Textile duct system
PDc-Textile duct system

Technical specifications
  • Textile duct diameter
    NW 200 - 800 mm *
  • Textile duct fabric
    Dastex L11-78-31-A or Dastat PDcT K21-78-41-A2
  • Air permeability
    150 m³/h/m² at approx. 100 Pa
  • Filter effect
    Approx. F7
  • Disinfection effect
    >90% to 99% (depending on irradiation time)
  • Wash resistance
    > 80 wash cycles according to RKI
  • Lighting technology
    Fluorescent tubes
  • Power rating
    230 V/50 Hz – 30 W/lfm
  • Operational control
    Central switching On/Off
  • Supporting structure
    Galvanized sheet metal V2A 1.4301
  • Duct fitting
    Hook-and-loop fastener
  • 90° / 45° bends / distribution systems / connectors
  • Prefilter systems
  • Central air supply / ventilation equipment
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