Aseptic Isolator

Aseptic Isolator
Ortner PLUS
  • fully automated leak test of the entire system with recording of test data
  • operation in positive or negative pressure
  • the unit can also be operated independently from the building ventilation system because of the integrated supply- and exhaust air
  • ready-to-plug-in device
  • can be used in any combination lock and isolator (lock on the right and/or on the left)
  • prepared for fully automatic decontamination
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request

The aseptic isolator is designed as a module system and can be easily adapted to the specific production processes.

The isolator and lock system can be combined as required. In addition, the aseptic isolator offers the possibility to integrate a safety cabinet into the overall system.

The isolator can be used for product and/or personal protection, according to operation requirements. Tightness of the overall system is according to ISO EN 14644-7 ensured by class 3 or better.

Back panel of the isolator is designed to integrate a modern touch PC or optionally a panel PC enable to integrate monitoring programs for the production of aseptic products. 

Ortner’s aseptic isolator is one of the quietest in its class with a noise level of <57dB(A) during operation.

Technical specifications - Isolator

Overall data of Isolator

  • Surrounding Cleanroom class at the installation site ISO/EUcGMP
    ISO8 / D or better

Media connections

  • Electric
    3x400V, 50Hz, 5,8kW
  • Supply air/Exhaust air
    260 m³/h

Isolator´s protective module (working area)

  • EUcGMP requirements to be met 
  • Cleanroom class in the protection module ISO/EUcGMP     
    ISO 5 / A
  • Protection
    optional product and/or personal protection
  • Main glass pane type 
    ESG 15mm
  • Sealing system of the main glass pane  
  • Tightness class of the protection module according to ISO EN 14644-7
    3 or better

For more information please see data sheet or upon request

Technical specifications - Lock
  • Air pressure in the lock
     -60 Pa bis +60 Pa
  • Protective filter circulating air
    HEPA H14
  • Air speed in recirculation mode (TAV)
    0,30 m/s (configurable)
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
Additional options
  • integrated H2O2 device
  • fully automatic glove testing device with port detection and reporting
  • decomposition of H2O2 by the catalyst in the exhaust air module (< 0,5 ppm)              
  • fully integrated air sampler with reporting
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
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