Safety cabinet Claire pro

Safety cabinet Claire pro
The Ortner PLUS

The Claire pro from the Berner company sets completely new standards for safety cabinets by the sum of the presented components and features in terms of performance, function and design.

The combination of the broadest spectrum of options up to customer-specific unique designs opens up limitless possibilities for individual applications and highest safety levels, achieved by no other product on the market.

Claire pro - At a glance

Protection shield
The multiple award-winning "Shield Design" testifies high quality design, which combines by way of example innovation with form and function.

Touch display
Intuitive operation and user-friendly menu navigation.

Innovative LED light technology
Apart from the LED lighting of the working space, laterally arranged LED light bands and the illuminated window edge in the view of the user visualise the operating state or alarms and guarantee the highest security.

Detection system for the movements of persons and resulting air perturbation near the work opening creates clear warnings and raises awareness of the laboratory personnel.

Particularly quiet, bright operating conditions, individually adjustable work surface height and optimum legroom even for 3-filter cabinets due to the particularly compact design of the first main filter.

Innovative technology & Auto On-Off function reduces the operating costs by up to 84%.

Using our own research, development and construction, we can implement individual customised requirements. Options or customer-specific designs - Claire pro safety cabinets gives limitless possibilities.

New HEPA cartridge filters for even lower sound levels and energy consumption.

Quality seal
Multiple award-winning product design in the selection criterias - degree of innovation, safety, sustainability, aesthetics, industrialfeasibility an implementation.


We have been offering special equipment and complex, customised constructions for the Berner FlowSafe® generation for many years and continue these services for Claire pro and our customers in the future!

  • Compounder & pipetting robot
  • Side extensions for Claire pro
  • Containment sections
  • Sample access through the floor
  • Sampling from barrels
  • Media- and reactor connections
  • Drying cabinet
  • Back panel integration of 2 monitors
  • Exhaust air cooling
  • USV in safety cabinet
  • Combinations of SC-isolator, SC-SC
  • Stainless steel version



Assemble your safety cabinet according to your personal preferences and individual needs – the choice is yours! Make use of our webinar, which provides you with an overview of the structural adjustments and the integrated additional functions and particularly suitable devices. In addition to theoretical information, the webinar also includes practical demonstrations at the safety cabinet. For more information: Webinar optionen & accessories for safety cabinets (only available in German).

Examples of possible options:

and also the safety waste disposal unit direct from the SC using the integrated waste disposal system BERNER SealSafe Sensor+ - there are virtually no limits to the additional features and possibilities.




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