Safety cabinet Claire pure

Safety cabinet Claire pure
The Ortner PLUS

The Claire pure from the Berner company provides the highest quality technology at an attractive price. LED illumination in the work area, high-performance EC fans and the touch display with intuitive menu navigation form the technical basis for the highest functionality. This is complemented by a targeted range of options for all major applications.

Outstanding energy efficiency and low procurement and operating costs make Claire pure the ultimate in efficiency.

At a glance

Protection Shield
The multiple award-winning "Shield Design" testifies high quality design, which combines by way of example innovation with form and function.

Touch Display
Intuitive operation and user-friendly menu navigation.

LED light technology
Light and even illumination of the working area thanks to high quality and dimmable LED technology

High level of performance
Outstanding protection functions with relatively low flow conditions characterise this design. Two operating points "ECO" & "GMP" are TÜV tested and certified using the microbiological test method according to DIN EN 12469, DIN 12980 and NSF 49. High flexibility with maximum safety.

Particularly quiet, bright operating conditions and optimum legroom even for 3-filter cabinets due to the particularly compact design of the first main filter.

Innovative technology reduces the operating costs by up to 84%.

The excellent price, the highest energy efficiency and lowest operating costs make Claire pure to Berner's most economical safety cabinet.

Filter technology
New HEPA cartridge filters for even lower sound levels and energy consumption.

Proven protection
The design of the workspace, the work aperture, the HEPA cartridge filter and the front intake ensure a very high level of protection.



The high-quality standard features of all Claire pure models include a stable ergonomic base, filter test ports, 1-2 sockets depending on the model size, preparation for additional power sockets or interfaces and for all B-models 2 x 22 mm side window lead-through on each side.

The high functionality is rounded off sensibly with a targeted range of options for all major applications and includes amongst others:

  • Various interfaces and additional power sockets
  • Powerful systems for UV-C disinfection
  • Low vibration weighing worktops
  • Uninterrupted worktops
  • Various connections for liquid and gaseous media
  • Isokinetic sampling probe for particle monitoring
  • Exhaust air connection Exhaust Duct Flex for connection and feedback-free operation of air exhaust systems



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