Accessible H₂O₂ Lock

Accessible H₂O₂ Lock
The Ortner PLUS
  • simple integration planning through standardized compact design
  • factory-qualified systems including factory decontamination test run
  • integrated ISU high-performance generator module for faster decontamination processes
  • simple seal replacement without door removal
  • 5-liter H2O2 container for multiple cycles
  • different container sizes and types
  • extendable pharmacy cabinet for easy maintenance and inspection
  • split design with plug-in system for easy integration especially for complex installation situations

Accessible H2O2 Lock

Technical specifications of Accessible Lock
  • Casing
    Stainless steel EN-ISO 1.4301 brushed Ra <1,1 μ / Ra < 0,8μ
  • Chamber
    Stainless steel EN-ISO 1.4404 brushed Ra <1,1 μ / Ra < 0,8μ
  • Pneumatic connection data
    6 bar, filtered, dry, oil-free, .“ IG
  • Doors
    ESG glass doors, gas-tight
  • Door seal
    Pneumatic silicone seal
  • Seal class
    4 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-7:2004 (D) and ISO
  • Air supply fan
    HEPA H14 filter/terminal
  • Control
    Siemens S7 1200
  • Operation | Signaling
    Unclean side: touch panel, emergency-stop button
    Clean side: touch panel, emergency-stop button
    Lock chamber: 2x emergency open-button
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
Technical specifications of integrated ISU
  • Power consumption
    3,8 kW/8,5A
  • Voltage
    3 × 400 VAC/ 50 Hz /N/PE
  • Pump
    High-precision dosing pump +/− 1%
  • Visualization
    From external – through the lock
  • Flow rate
    Variable up to 100 m3/h
  • H₂O₂ reservoir
    Up to 5 liters (technically pure H2O2)
  • Injection rate
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
Additional options
  • HC sensor (inner chamber)
  • LC sensor (inner chamber)
  • LC sensor room monitoring unclean and clean
  • material changes
  • catalytic converter (500 m3/h / 1000m3/h)
  • track system
  • audit trail
  • ethernet for data transfer
  • exhaust fan including chamber pressure control
  • air supply fan
  • exhaust air HEPA filter
  • factory cycle development
  • compressed air filter
  • powder coated surface
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
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