Customized designs

Special solutions
The Ortner PLUS
  • H2O2 application in specific production environments
  • to design the entire H2O2 process beginning with engineering of flow technology, correct H₂O₂ generation and the best distribution systems right up to the most efficient cycle development.

This H₂O₂ lock system was specially designed for the decontamination of cooled materials
(+4 ° C)
with a maximum temperature rise of +2 ° C.
Challenge: The decontamination process is designed to prevent condensation.

Lock chamber with RTP port

Decontamination by sterile compressed air enables a decontamination process. Logging and trend display is implemented with a PM-Quality System*. Recipe management is performed via a SQL database system of the lock chamber with RTP port.

Door in door-H₂O₂ lock chamber

This lock system is designed as an accessible system with a door in door-H₂O₂ lock chamber. For fast cycles, materials can be decontaminated in a separate H₂O₂ process with small door locks.

Small mobile decontamination system

This small mobile decontamination system is well suited for transporting sensitive goods. For decontamination of the loaded materials, the system is directly connected to the H₂O₂ lock system or an H₂O₂ gassing system (for example ISU). This system makes it possible to react quickly and flexibly to the most diverse input and output requirements at short cycle times.

Decontamination cabinet as standalone unit

The decontamination cabinet has been designed as a standalone unit. Functions and technology correspond to lock technology. The decontamination cabinet is equipped with a compact fully integrated ISU. The supply and disposal of all media such as air, H₂O₂ gas, etc., is handled directly by the unit itself.

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