Material Hatch Combi Active

Material Hatch Kombi C
The Ortner PLUS
  • compact and intelligent solution for individual material flows
  • feasible and safe waste disposal carried out via an endless liner system
  • easy and convenient cleaning on the inside and outside

Technical specifications
  • Casing      
    stainless steel 1.4301 brushed
    profile frame – double wall construction
  • Chamber                
    stainless steel 1.4301 brushed
  • Electrical connection  
    230 VAC/0,5 A/50 Hz (1A for fan module)
  • Doors                   
    2 profile door elements with double glass
  • Door hinge       
    DIN L (unclean)/DIN R (clean)
  • Door seal          
    lip seal EPDM
  • Supply and exhaust air volume
    max. 100 m³/h
  • Supply air filter       
    1 piece HEPA H14, 220 × 220 × 71 mm, gel
  • Control   
    relay control
  • Operation        
    LED-button green
  • Signalization      
  • For more information please see data sheet or upon request
Additional options
  • emergency open button
  • acoustic door signal
  • preferably open (power-off open)
  • digital display locking time
  • automatic pressure control
  • inlet air power supply module with fan
  • exhaust filter H14 with filter housing
  • For more information please see data sheet or upon request
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