PDc-Personnel Air Lock

PDc-Personnel Air Lock
The Ortner PLUS
  • High decontamination and cleaning action with one passage through airlock
  • Personnel decontamination without endangering the person
  • Microbiological germ reduction of up to 98%
  • JET nozzle impulse produces targeted vibrations on the textile and optimizes the cleaning effect
  • Visualization of the airlock process inside the lock

As people tend to be the greatest risk of contamination, the implementation of personnel airlocks in the working area is an important issue.

The status quo: Conventional personnel air showers are designed exclusively for cleaning particles and as barrier systems between cleanroom classes. Scientific studies have demonstrated the cleaning efficiency of different manufacturers’ products, technologies and processes, and the cleaning effect is generally considered to be very low.

The innovation: The PDc-Personnel Air Lock is a highly effective and certified personnel airlock with JET-nozzle technology for the physical cleaning of particles and photodynamic disinfection technology for minimizing microbiological contamination.

The technology: Two main functions are the basis of the PDc-Personnel Air Locks: On the one hand, demonstrable and validatable and highly efficient particle cleaning. On the other, the main focus is on effective disinfection of the clothing.

The advantages: The airlock processes can be variably adjusted to suit the respective requirements and can be used with all necessary functions for both loading and unloading.

Technical specifications - Compressed air system
  • Casing
    S 235 ELO RAL9016
  • Electric connection
    400VAC/50Hz/10 A
  • Compressed air
    6 bar oil-free
  • Compressed air consumption
    Approx. 200 l/cycle
  • Nozzle outlets
    24 pcs
  • Door lock
    E-door opener
  • Doors
    2 all-glass doors ESG
  • Doorway clearance
    W x H 800x2000 mm
  • Door stop (freely selectable)
    DIN L (unclean) / DIN R (clean)
  • Air discharge speed
    Approx. 40 - 55 m/s
  • Airflow volume
    Approx. 2000 m³/h
  • Test equipment 
    Aerosol testing terminals
  • Recirculation air filter / prefilter 
    HEPA H14 filter / G3 
  • Signaling
    Signal light (red/green)
  • Visualization
    Touch panel
  • Control unit
  • Position monitoring
    Electronic proximity sensors
  • PDc-light source
    16 x 80 watts, 4 x 14 watts
  • Sterilization performance
    Lower body approx. 80%, upper body up to 98%, mean value approx. 90% (IPA 2015)
  • Particle cleaning performance 
    15 - 25 µm approx. 50% / 50-100µm approx. 98% (IPA 2015)
  • Cleanroom clothing / textile 
    Dastat K21-78-41-A2
  • Weight 
    Approx. 700 kg
  • Stainless steel 1.4301 Exterior brushed Interior always coated with 1.4301 and RAL 9016
  • High-pressure fan system*
  • H₂O₂ fumigation connection 
  • Additional airlock direction
  • Remote maintenance
  • Potential-free contacts
  • Compressed air reservoir
  • Foot position sensors

* For applications where on-site compressed air is not available or not desired, the PDc personnel air shower can also be equipped with a high-pressure fan. Output remains the same as the compressed air system.

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