JET-Personnel Air Lock

JET-Personnel Air Lock
The Ortner PLUS
  • The JET-stream produces fast vibrations on the textile surface and supports the cleaning effect occurring in the lock
  • The position of the person is monitored, in order to guarantee the optimal angle of impact of air emitted from the nozzle
  • This is most important for arm and leg sections. The ideal position of the person was determined by way of 3D-CAD Models and the nozzles are aligned accordingly
  • The setting of the JET allows for a safe distribution of air and reaches every area of the body
  • The perfect low turbulence displacement flow is essential in order to ensure the cleaning success in an air shower. The low turbulence displacement flow is a vertical „laminar flow“ like air current

Removing particles is quite a tricky business. But removing particles from clothing is quite a different
matter. The new JET-Air Lock uses an efficient method for the particle removal.

The JET-nozzle technology is responsible for peeling off and/or removing particles on the clothing.

In order to avoid an excessive mixing of air in the lock and thus possible re-contamination of the persons, an efficient horizontal nozzle impulse control with continuous vertical displacement flow was developed.

Technical specifications - Compressed air system
  • Cover
    S 235 ELO RAL9016
  • Electric connection
  • Compressed Air Consumption 1*  
    ca 200l/cycle
  • Air outlets
    24 pcs.
  • Door seal
    bulb seal
  • Door lock
    electric strike
  • Doors
    2 full glass doors ESG
  • Door clearance
    WxH 800x2000 mm
  • Door mount
    DIN L (unclean side)/ DIN R (clean side)
  • Air speed at nozzle 2*
    approx. 40 m/sec
  • Recirculating air volume
    approx. 2000 m³/h
  • Testing connections
    Aerosol test connections
  • Air filter
    HEPA H14 filter
  • Prefilter
  • Signalization
    Signal light (red/green)
  • Compressed air
    6 bar, oil-free
  • Controls
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
Technical specification - Fan System
  • Flow rate/nozzle 1*      
    ca 120 m3/h
  • Air outlet speed 2*         
    ca 40 m/sec
  • Compressed air 3* 
    not applicable

Note: The high-pressure fan system is designed for applications where no compressed air is available or desired by the customer.

Additional options
  • Entertainment system
  • Lighting for photodynamic unit
  • Cover in Stainless steel (1.401)
  • Access-control system
  • Touch screen
  • Change of the door stops
  • High pressure fan system
  • connection H2O2 fumigation
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
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