Proven HEPA filter technology
High performance, mobile, versatile in use
Lotus Air Filter System

In Asian cultures, the lotus flower is the epitome of purity and perfection.

Purity is also what we want in the air we breathe, so that we stay vital and healthy.

Lotus Air Filter System

Impressive performance, proven technology and problem-free use in mobile devices

Clean air protects life!

So-called aerosols and solid particles are jointly responsible for many infection diseases. As a mixture of solid and/or liquid suspended light weight particles, these aerosols float freely in the air, especially indoors, and can potentially contain viruses and pathogens. By breathing without wearing a mask, speaking, singing and, above all, sneezing or coughing, we spread the pathogens through the air by means of droplets. They often hover in the air for hours and can infect other people through inhalation.

Proven technology from the clean room industry now provides a remedy. Expertise in dealing with dangerous germs is no longer only relevant for especially sensitive industries; rather, the
whole of society in need of effective solutions.

The Lotus Air Filter System creates a germ-free and particle-free environment within a short period of time. Tested and proven, it is of great benefit, and not just in times of the Corona pandemic or the annual wave of the flu. The filtered air also protects persons suffering from allergy or asthma, removing any house dust and pollen.

Lotus Air – function and design in harmony
The Lotus Air System also meets the requirements for aesthetics and timeless design. The technology is located in an elegant enclosure constructed of high-quality chipboard materials and is available in a white or wood design. The system is delivered as a fully wired unit (connection to a standardized 220 V socket) and has an energy consumption of between 100 and 250 watts per hour, depending on the fan speed setting.

Clean air - efficient, quiet and safe.

Industrial clean room technology for safety in public spaces:

Checkout and waiting areas, receptions, pharmacies, medical practices, meeting rooms, offices, sales showrooms, schools, guest rooms, hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, governments offices and public authorities that deal with customers, nursing care facilities, events, trade fairs, conferences, congresses

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Effective protection
  • For daily use

Lotus Air Filter System

  • High protection factor from proven successful use in the pharmaceutical industry

  • High performance - cleaning an air volume of 1200 m3/h
  •  Filter efficiency of 99.995%
  •  Available in white design
  •  Draft-free air intake and low noise level
  •  Standard operating (230 volt socket); power consumption 100 - 250 W/h
  •  Excellent cost-benefit ratio
  •  Long service life
  •  Low maintenance

Protect yourself

and your employees, customers, patients, visitors and students from airborne harmful substances Microorganisms

Better knowledge. Expertise.
Air and filter technology are crucial for the effectiveness of air purification

Lotus Air is based on the proven filter fan unit system (FFU), which is used in classic clean room technology for clean rooms worldwide. The system, used a million times over, has long been established in the pharmaceutical, medical, electronics and food industries, where it meets the high quality requirements and offers optimal protection against infections.

By using affordable, standardized FFU technology, combined with HEPA filters, large volumes of air in the room are filtered until free of particles and viruses. This results in much-improved dilution performance compared to window ventilation or conventional ventilation systems.
Natural death or inactivation in the filter renders the separated pathogens harmless.

This technical process is ideally suited to guaranteeing a high level of protection against infection in public and private spaces.

Safety in public
Through multi-stage filtering, Lotus Air eliminates pathogens and pollutants from the indoor air and ensures that they are no longer released. This means that Lotus Air ensures clean and healthy air and can be used in any enclosed space.

Stroemungsvisualisierung FFU-1

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