Safety through cleanliness

Microorganisms never stand still – viruses, bacteria and spores are constantly changing and continually pose new challenges to humankind. Rarely do we feel just how closely humanity is interconnected and how vulnerable it is. 

As an internationally active specialist in the field of cleanroom technology and decontamination processes, we are aware of our role and responsibility. This is why we are constantly developing our technology and processes to provide innovative answers to new questions. Especially in these uncertain times, it is particularly important to us that we are there for you. Our specialists are always ready to support you in the planning, execution and implementation of projects and to work according to your needs.

You are not alone. Get in touch with us, our experienced team will be happy to advise you and help you if you have any doubts or questions. Together we can beat this.

We wish you and your families good health!


FFU bei Wedl

Ortner FFU at Wedl In-house trade

True to the motto „making the impossible possible“, a technical solution from Ortner helped to make an in-house exhibition possible in the era of COVID-19.

In times like these, when there are hardly any events, Handelshaus Wedl was looking for a safe solution to be able to hold their in-house exhibition without endangering the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors and staff.
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Zu gut für die Tonne

Too good for the ton

Approximately 760,000 tons (!) food are thrown away in Austria every year. According to a study by the WWF, 491,000 tons could be avoided.

With small steps, such as conscious shopping, proper storage of food and a look at the minimum shelf life date, each individual can contribute to counteracting food more
Trigos 2020 Nachhaltigkeit


ORTNER Reinraumtechnik wins for the first time an award for sustainability!

For the 10th time, Austria's most prestigious sponsorship from business, media, NGOs and civil society awarded the highly coveted prize in Carinthia to companies that take their responsibility in their core business particularly seriously.
With the project "Too good for the garbage" the Ortner team scored in the category "Social Innovation & Future Challenges".read more

Qualification of insulators in London

Another example where cleanroom Solutions from Ortner are used:

One of the largest paediatric paediatric clinics in Europe is dedicated to both clinical and scientific basic research. And here, too, research and production is carried out with the help of cleanroom technologies from more


Based on decades of experience in cleanroom technology and new insights from the research projects, Ortner develops innovative locks of various types and technologies. New findings from the research projects give valuable impulses for innovations.

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In the cleanroom technology the medium that controls everything is “air”. Fluid dynamics plays an essential role; besides that, it is essential that particles-free and germs-free air is being produced.
The research of air handling technologies for a clean environment is an important foundation of the intelligent Ortner technology.

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Isolator technology offers the highest degree of potential for innovative development. Excellent usability and serviceability, perfect ergonomics, safe sterilization and much more offer Isolators from Ortner. The devices are designed as a modular system and can be easily adapted to the specific production processes of the customers.

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The decontamination of pass-through systems for materials is a popular method to ensure product disinfection. Ortner´s DecoLine is a multifunctional system which succeeds in situations where other systems partially or altogether fail.

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With the LabLine Ortner provides individual, customized solutions for use in cleanrooms. The LabLine is designed to meet the specific requirements of laboratories, from cleanroom and transport equipment to optimum workplace design.

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