Bread-, Pastry- & Bakery Industry

Consistently high product quality

The production of a microbiologically clean and particle-free environment is a central issue in the baked ggods sector. Ortner develops systems and technologies that deliver consistently high product quality and safety when handling sensitive raw goods and fillings - from production of bread and baked goods during the cooling process and transport through to cutting and packaging. Ortner system can be optimally integrated into the customer's manufacturing processes. Ortner develops custom-tailored solutions through industry-specific know-how and expert teams consisting of process engineers from universities and Ortner’s development management. Using comprehensive AFMS analysis (approved food manufacturing systems), each project can be individually planned and developed according to the specific requirements.

Pure safety Intelligent technology
What advantages do Ortner systems offer?

The systems for the meat and delicatessen sector are designed to

  • ensure the quality of the original product during the entire production and refining process and thereby
  • increase the quality of the finished product
How does the customer benefit?

Ortner system solutions ensure a competitive advantage through:

  • gentler production options
  • maintaining product quality
  • controlled production environment
  • stable, consistent production conditions
  • longer product life cycles
  • longer transport and storage capacity
  • avoidance of returns
Advantages for the meat and delicatessen sector
  • guarantees consistently high product quality through to the packaged goods
  • increased product safety
  • lowest possible germ count (CFU) <1
  • entle handling without chemical preservatives and additional thermal processes
  • guarantees longer shelf-life
  • prevention of spoilage germs
  • keeps critical zones clean
Why to choose Ortner
  • system solutions through coordinated products and technologies
  • innovative hygiene design thanks to cleanroom technology
  • infrastructure-independent systems
  • low investment costs
  • energy-optimized operational management
Ortner solution for keeping critical zones clean

Innovative products and solutions in the laminar flow area ensure the safe production and packaging of bread, pastry and baked products: from production plants to the cooling towers through to packaging. Particularly during the cooling process, protection against contamination is essential. Innovative processes such as UVc-surface sterilization and filter technology are used to produce a germ-free environment. UVc-rays are part of sunlight and can sterilize without the use of chemicals and heat, thus stabilizing the quality of products. In doing so, Ortner places great emphasis on maintaining product quality as well as on flexible, customer-oriented solutions and standards that far exceed legal requirements.

Bread, Pastry and Bakery Industry
Gentle and natural extension of product life

A germ-free environment as well as the highest standards of production, safety and hygiene are essential when working with the sensitive raw materials and fillings and the resulting bread, pastry and bakery products. This is the only way to meet the requirements for freshness, the absence of preservatives and shelf life, as well as statutory hygiene requirements. All stages of work in preparation of bread and baked goods are subject to the strict hygiene regulations. Ortner offers innovative and technically sophisticated solutions to make production areas low-germ without affecting the quality of the food: The lowest possible germ count or colony-forming unit (CFU) is achieved with no chemical preservatives or additives. Subsequent measures for preservation, or pasteurization for sliced bread, are no longer needed. The advantages: Increased shelf-life in a natural way, extended transport and storage capacity, avoiding returns, dispensing with or reducing the use of preservatives. This creates an immediate quality and competitive advantage for our customers.

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