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trend. TALK: Carinthia as a business location

Carinthia is more than just a holiday destination – Carinthia is a high-tech location with research & development as well as successful companies and strong more

At the trend. TALK presenter Arne Johannsen, Josef Ortner (Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH, Markus Bliem (Land Carinthia), Christina Hirschl (Silicon Austria Labs) and Oliver Heinrich (Infineon) discussed the dynamic development of Carinthia as a business location.

Find out in the video what makes Carinthia so attractive for companies, where Carinthia’s strengths lie and where there is still a need to catch up.

Find the video HERE

trend. TALK
Russland Isolator

Qualification and commissioning in Russia

A new customer in Russia has commissioned us to design and build an H2O2 lock and an more

The pharmaceutical company develops and manufactures medicines that are used in therapeutic areas such as obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology and neurology.

Recently our two employees Thomas and Tobias were in Moscow to qualify and commission the two plants there. In the course of the qualification process, the correct installation and functionality of the systems were checked and documented using IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification).

Besides work, there was also time to see some places in the beautiful city.


We live sustainability

This year, Ortner has committed itself to sustainability with its in-house calendar. In recent months, the department heads have given food for thought and initiated actions to raise the awareness of sustainable thinking and actions of our employeesread more

In the month of October, a book filling station was installed, as it already exists in many municipalities in Austria. The special thing about this book filling station is that it is an old material hatch from the Ortner company. Filled with books by employees that encourage readers to read and exchange ideas, not only did an old piece of material hatch find a new life, but the books find a new owner.

Stefanie Rud

Carinthia: Smart Technology and Intelligent Specialisation” under this title recently published success stories that show that Carinthia is a country full of new technologies and more

In our success story Stefanie Rud gives a small insight into our company history and tells how Ortner developed from a ventilation construction and ventilation installation company to an internationally recognized specialist and innovation leader in cleanroom solutions and why Carinthia is the ideal location.

Click HERE for Ortner’s success story


cGMP-compliant isolator systems for customers from the pharmaceutical industry

Ortner has designed, built and commissioned two hospital pharmacy mixing isolator systems for an Irish client in the pharmaceutical more

The cGMP-compliant isolator systems are designed for aseptic processing of sterile injections. At the same time, they function as a safe barrier for processing active pharmaceutical ingredients, including hazardous materials such as cytotoxics, in containment. Among other things, investigational medicinal products for clinical studies, cytotoxic compounds, biological agents and vaccines are processed.


„The Time for We is Now”

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and insecure, individual strength and lonelism are no longer enough. Team spirit and networking beyond departmental boundaries are crucial for us as more

Together we create something special every day and we were able to report about it in the "Kleine Zeitung".

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

Ortner Probeentnahmestation

Ortner sampling station

Ortner was commissioned by a world-leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company to design and build a customized sampling station for powder samples and other substances.

The sampling station is particularly user-friendly and has a large chamber that allows to introduce and take samples of different sizes. The low-turbulence flow in the chamber protects the operator and the more

The system can solve several problems at once:

The adjustable working height ensures ergonomically correct working conditions:

  • Height-adjustable chamber height allows easy access to containers of different sizes
  • Adjustable working height of the sliding window to the individual conditions of each operator

Increased effectiveness

  • Safe working is possible from both sides of the plant

Increased safety

  • Safe-Change HEPA filter solution for contamination-free replacement of exhaust air filters
Ortner Probeentnahmestation
Ortner Probeentnahmestation
SOS Kinderdorf

5 years together with the SOS Children’s Village

For five years now, Ortner has linked us to the SOS Children’s more

Since then, we have been supporting the SOS Children’s Village in Moosburg with various actions to bring joy to those children who spend their lives far away from their own families.

For example, our employees have planted an orchard and built a tree house together with the children. A cherished tradition is our “Nikolaus-Surprise”, where we fill our own stitched Nikolaus-Sackerl with useful little gifts, mandarins, nuts and chocolate and give them away to the children.

Begasungsdüse STAR

Gassing nozzle STAR

Continuous development and improvement is important to more

The new STAR gas supply nozzle has been further developed to become an independently intelligent assembly. With it, a significantly better efficiency can be achieved and thus the high requirements of any room decontamination can be met. Complete digital control and operation of each individual nozzle are just two of the unique innovations of the STAR gassing nozzle. Assembly and servicing are also considerably easier than with previous models.

Monat Juli

Month July - "In a healthy body dwells an alert mind".

The month of July was at Ortner under the motto “ In a healthy body dwells an alert spirit”read more

In order to keep body and mind going, Katharina Ortner shared thinking exercises and instructions for light sports activities with our employees at the beginning of each week. The sometimes tricky calculation and logic tasks and exercises for pauses of movement or against tension were meant to pause for a moment on stressful days in order to be able to continue the work strengthened.

At the end of the sporty and healthy month, there were fruit baskets with regional fruit for the individual departments.

Monat Juli
Mysterium Reinraum - Video nachschauen

The "clean room" mystery in the food industry solved

"Mystery cleanroom in the food industry solved" - This was the motto of the expert talk with Josef Ortner, Holger Dörr, Jan Henjes and Michael Trautwein in more

What does the future of the cleanroom look like? How can the cleanroom industry help food producers keep their production conditions clean and germ-free? What are the arguments for or against a cleanroom in the food industry? These and other questions were the subject of the panel discussion.

For all interested parties who could not be present live, there is the possibility - after free registration - to watch the expert talk:

Klick HERE

Photoaktive anti-mikrobielle Textilien

Article: Photoactive anti-microbial textiles

Textile clothing provides an ideal breeding ground for germ growth. Especially with regard to resistant germs, the requirements for antimicrobial finishes are constantly increasing. In order to combat resistant germs without having to resort to chemicals, photoactive anti-microbial textiles are being used more and more frequently. Photodynamic inactivation is not only environmentally friendly, but also harmless to human health. read more

A detailed technical article on the functional finishing of textiles was recently published in CHEManager. The article was written in cooperation with Birgit Armbruster and Dr. Dominique Mario Gampe, TITV Greiz - Institute for Special Textiles and Flexible Materials, Prof. Dr. Beate Röder and Dr. Jakob Pohl, Institute of Physics, Humboldt University of Berlin and Josef Ortner and Wolfram Kofler of Ortner Reinraumtechnik.

Click here for the article

Reinraumtechnik goes public

Cleanroom Technology goes public

Corona will be with us for a long time and society will have to learn to deal with it.
read more

Experts from the cleanroom industry, who have joined forces to form the "Cleanroom Technology against COVID-19" forum, will share their knowledge of technical solutions for cleaning air and deactivating pathogens, as well as the disinfection of surfaces and correct behavior in cleanrooms. They also provide information on the differences between masks and the behavior of viruses. All this knowledge can also be applied in other industries or in the private sector.

Under the title "Cleanroom technology goes public", online seminars can be found that provide a knowledge base from which every individual can draw added value.

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Erste Hilfe Kurs

Be able to save lives

Knowledge of first aid and basic life support can help save a life and provide confidence when it comes time to more

On June 16 and 17, a first aid course for our employees took place at the SPOCC, where immediate measures and correct behavior in emergencies and accidents were worked out and practiced. Among other things, reanimation was practiced using cardiac massage and a defibrillator on a manikin, as well as the application of pressure bandages. In addition to technical input from the two lecturers, there was a lively exchange among the participants about what they had already experienced.

All those who took part in the first aid course are now listed as first aiders for the Ortner company.

Erste Hilfe Kurs
Mysterium Reinraum

Mystery "clean room" in the food industry solved

Humans still represent the largest source of carryover of bacteria and particles. This can be a major problem for food production. read more

Producing and packaging food in a clean room brings with it the great advantage of reducing particle concentrations and thus extending shelf life. For clean and low-germ production conditions without the use of preservatives, the right measures must be taken. Even small cleanrooms with little technical effort and reduced costs can lead to clean and low-germ food production.

Join the expert talk on the mystery of cleanrooms in the food industry with Josef Ortner, Holger Dörr, Jan Henjes and Michael Trautwein.

For Program, information and registration click HERE

Mysterium Reinraum

Lerncafé Spittal an der Drau: Where learning for life is fun!

Our nice wooden owl "INLOHBRIK" has found a nice sunny place with more

We received the owl representing the mascot of the Learning Café Spittal/Drau as a thank you for supporting the opening of the Learning Café of the Carinthian Caritas Association for Welfare and Welfare (Caritas Kärnten) in Spittal an der Drau.

It will always remind us that fair framework conditions and equal opportunities for the education of all children and young people are the keys to personal success and social development.

Infineon Technologies Austria with the parish of Spittal an der Drau, BKS BANK, HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER Group, with Lindner Recyclingtech, Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH, Rotaryclub Spittal an der Drau and Kiwanis Club Spittal an der Drau make possible the opening of a learning café of the Carinthian Caritas Association for Welfare and Welfare (Caritas Kärnten) in Spittal an der Drau. Here, disadvantaged children and young people aged six to 15 receive free afternoon and learning support.

"For us, education is the most sustainable investment in the future. The Learning Café is a great initiative to strengthen exactly that. We are sure that with this initiative an important step will be taken to awaken curiosity, creativity and fascination for education and to expand self-reliance." Says Stefanie Rud, CEO Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH.

Images Copyright Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Caritas 1
Caritas 2
Caritas 3
Lotus Air KiGa KiTa

Lotus Air filter system for the protection of children and pedagogical staff

For the protection of the children and the pedagogical staff of the kindergarten and the day nursery Pusarnitz two Lotus Air filter systems of the company Ortner were handed over recently. The two high-performance air cleaners were donated by the SPÖ Lurnfeld, which was represented at the handover by Bgm. Gerals Preimel and Vzbgm. Sigi Mohl. Katharina Ortner and Anna Lerchster were present on behalf of the Ortner more

The Lotus Air's built-in HEPA filters capture over 99.995% of airborne particles and can filter aerosols, droplets or solid particles that carry pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses (such as coronavirus) from the surrounding air.
For more information about the Lotus Air filter system, you'll get HERE

Lotus Air KiGa KiTa
Lotus Air KiGa KiTa
Zytostatika Isolator

Personal and product protection with cytostatic isolators

When manufacturing and preparing cytostatics or other toxic substances, it is imperative both to protect the operator from the product and to manufacture the product in a process-safe manner. read more

The use of special air ducting and handling via glove grips of the cytostatic isolator from Ortner ensures consistent separation of personnel and process. The prevailing negative pressure in the chamber of the isolator prevents toxic substances from escaping even in the event of minimal leakage. This protects both personnel and the environment from contamination.

Together with a customer from the pharmaceutical industry, a Factory Acceptance Test of an isolator with integrated H2O2 gas generator (ISU) was recently carried out at the SPOCC premises. The FAT tested completeness of components, functionality and quality of the equipment against contractual specifications. After successful completion of the FAT, the plant is delivered to the installation site.

Zytostatika Isolator
Zytostatika Isolator
MD Comfort S6

German Innovation Award (GIA): Awards for innovations that can shape the future and improve lives.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our MD Comfort S6 has convinced the jury of the "German Innovation Awards 2021" and we have been awarded in the category "Machines & Engineering", #W2 Excellence in Business to more

The increasing importance of automation in the cleanroom, simplification of operation and safety aspects are placing ever higher demands on material pass-throughs.

With the new Comfort S6 generation, Ortner has succeeded in developing a future-proof product: an air-lock technology that is as simple, uncomplicated and intuitive to operate as possible, despite all its technological complexity and performance.
The material hatch convinces with many technical features such as self-sufficient ventilation, automatic door opening and intelligent operating concept as well as Easy Change HEPA filter system. Digitalization, automation and appealing industrial design ensure increased safety and a completely new working experience.
The MD Comfort S6 is a revolutionary material hatch that meets the high demands of a modern laboratory.

MD Comfort S6

MD Comfort S6

Material pass-throughs create optimal connections between rooms with different cleanroom classes. They are used wherever materials or samples are to be transferred between rooms with different cleanroom classes in a controlled more

Simple and safe operation is of great importance here. With the MD Comfort S6 from Ortner, the loading and unloading of products and materials has never been so convenient.

Using one-finger operation or voice control, the airlock door opens and closes automatically. Settings (such as parameter settings, processes, and service & maintenance) can be conveniently made via wi-fi (cell phone, tablet, or PC). In addition, the new MD Comfort S6 impresses with its easy-to-clean surfaces based on Hygienic Design and promises simple and low-contamination filter replacement.

ISU Stationär

FAT - ISU Stationary

Powerful and complex decontamination processes with enormous room volumes require a correspondingly powerful H₂O₂ generator. The ISU Stationary from Ortner was designed specifically for such more

With the ISU Stationary, several room groups can be decontaminated simultaneously. The fully automated decontamination unit (ISU Stationary) is positioned outside the clean rooms and supplies the individual rooms centrally. The room groups themselves contain intelligent nozzles that communicate with the system and can be operated and monitored from a central location.

Special features:
- ROOM VOLUME: ≥ 800 m3
- H₂O₂-RESERVOIR: 65 L (15 L TO 100 L POSSIBLE).
- EVAPORATOR: UP TO 18g H₂O₂/min.

Ortner's services include testing the equipment together with the customer. Recently, a customer took advantage of this and conducted a Factory Acceptance Test together with our technicians at the SPOCC premises. During the FAT, the completeness of the components, functionality and quality of the plant were checked against contractual specifications. After successful completion of the FAT, the plant is delivered to the installation site.

FAT einer ISU Stationär
ISU Stationär
Lotus Air 1200

Statement from Dr. Alexander Rexeisen about Lotus Air

Do you also want to create a safe environment for customers, patients, employees and yourself?read more

With our Lotus Air 1200 it is possible. The built-in HEPA filters are proven to filter 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, pollen, aerosols or solids from the air. Whether in waiting rooms of medical practices or offices, pharmacies, care facilities, offices, school classes or catering. The Lotus Air 1200 can be used flexibly and provides a safe environment wherever it is needed.

For more information click HERE


Statement from Dr. Alexander Rexeisen, dermatologist in Hemagor:

"To protect my patients, as well as my employees and myself, I have chosen the Lotus Air 1200 from Ortner. It provides clean air and at the same time protects against viruses and bacteria."

Supplier Park of Clean Competence (SPOCC)

Supplier Park of Clean Competence (SPOCC)

At the beginning of last year, Ortner took over the premises of the former Autowelt Sintschnig in Villach and set up a Supplier Service Park in cooperation with the Competence more

After successful reconstruction, the premises were recently occupied and filled with life. The Supplier Park of Clean Competence (SPOCC) serves as a central interface for Infineon Villach and other companies with cleanroom needs and their suppliers with the aim of offering distribution solutions and services in a more flexible standardized form.

The companies located in the SPOCC are all highly specialized Carinthian companies, which are increasingly committed to cooperation initiatives in cleanroom technology and economic concepts in Carinthia.


Four weeks four sustainable actions

Four weeks four sustainable actions

This was the motto for March at the Ortner more

The personalized cups have now found their owners and are already being used diligently. Each cup bears not only the name of the owner, but also a funny little animal. The colorful cups have provided a lot of joy, laughter and conversation.

A surprise for the management was announced for the fourth week. This was presented by Peter Salbrechter. At the SPOCC Center, a tree was planted together - more precisely, a birch tree, which is considered the tree of light. It is supposed to give people support and orientation.

save the date

SAVE THE DATE - Forum Pharma: Reinraum

The "Forum Pharma: Cleanroom" will be held in Mauerbach Castle Park from 28th to 29th of September 2021. With a lecture on the 1st conference day, the company Ortner is also represented by CEO, Josef Ortner. read more

In his presentation "Material flow concept and airlock technology in the pharmaceutical and medical environment", Mr. Ortner addresses the following topics:
- Modern airlock technology and decontamination processes.
- Increased flexibility and safety through automation
- Digitalization and use of process information
- Room adaptation to functional airlock systems

More information about the event, you'll find HERE

Reinigung und Desinfektion im pharmazeutischen Betrieb

Reference book - Cleaning and disinfection in the pharmaceutical companies

New reference book on the subject: Cleaning and disinfection in pharmaceutical companiesread more

The 1st edition of the book "Cleaning and Disinfection in Pharmaceutical Operations" was recently published. Each of the authors is an expert in his field and looks back on years of lived expertise. In this scientifically based practical book, they shed light on many important aspects of cleaning and disinfection and provide advice on problem solutions and practical tips. In chapter 7 Mr. Josef Ortner dedicates himself to the topic of decontamination of isolators, RABS and rooms.

Click HERE to get your book!

März - Nachhaltigkeit

Four weeks four sustainable actions

Four weeks four sustainable actions
This is the motto for March at the Ortner company.
read more

Despite our efforts to print less and less, we print around 2,000 pages per month at our company. That's the equivalent of about 10kg of wood. In the future, not only will we print even less, we have also switched to copy paper made from 100% recycled paper.

Every day we all use a search engine. Now, searching the Internet is also doing some good. Every time you visit the Internet, the Ecosia search engine now opens automatically. With their sponsored search posts, donations are collected to plant trees. More specifically, 18% goes to a tree planting program to support people, the environment and the local economy in the most inhospitable regions like Burkina Faso. 

Personalized cups are provided to our employees for daily coffee or tea consumption. This is intended to counteract the use of disposable cups.

In the fourth week, a sustainable surprise is in store for the management. We'll reveal exactly what that is at the end of March.

Experts Forum against COVID 19

Expert Forum Cleanroom Technologies against COVID-19

On the initiative of the Silicon Alps Technology Cluster and Human Technology Styria, experts from the cleanroom industry recently joined forces to form a forum against COVID-19. read more

The expert forum, consisting of entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists, has set itself the goal of informing decision-makers in the public sector and companies about possibilities, as well as sensitizing society to this issue.

Josef Ortner - one of the forum's experts - sees the opportunities above all in sustainable technologies. After all, the optimal and scientifically based use of the right technology in the right place not only leads to reduced consumption of resources, but also to savings in long-term costs.

To get more information click HERE


Ash Wednesday - Herring feast

In the Ortner house it is a tradition to eat herring salad on Ash more

This year there were also other delicacies from the Weisensee in the form of various types of fish.

In Villach, due to the relocation of our Hook-Up team, premises just became free. Before the former workshop finds its new purpose, we used it for the common feast with distance. The spacious gate additionally provided fresh air. The traditional herring salad was also served in the production area, as well as fish for all employees.

In the run-up to the joint feast, there were again COVID rapid tests, which, as in the days before, were all negative.

COVID Schnelltests

COVID 19 Rapid testing for employees

People are at the center of everything we more

We see it as our obligation to protect our employees and our customers and partners in the best possible way. Therefore, we do not only rely on wearing FFP2 masks, keeping distance and regular hand disinfection. At least once a week, we offer our employees the opportunity to take a COVID-19 rapid test. This measure is important for the protection of everyone in the house, as it is the only way to detect positive cases and stop them from spreading.

We would like to thank all employees who take the test regularly. We would also like to thank Mag. Telesko from the Lind pharmacy, who patiently carries out the tests in Villach.

Lotus Air 1100

Our Lotus Air at the company WILD

The company WILD has also been relying on the tested Lotus Air Filter System from Ortner for several months. A total of seven open-plan offices at WILD have been equipped with Lotus Air systems to create a germ- and virus-free environment for employees. read more

Click here for the article from WILD.

The Lotus Air is equipped with proven HEPA filter technology, which has been used successfully in the healthcare sector for years. Within a very short time, a germ- and particle-free environment is created. The Lotus Air is of great benefit not only in times of the Corona pandemic or the annual flu wave, because the filtered air also protects allergy and asthma sufferers from house dust and pollen.

Protect yourself and your employees, customers, patients, visitors, students from airborne harmful microorganisms. Contact us HERE

Find informations about Lotus Air 1200 HERE

TÜV Zertifizierung

Our quality carries a seal!

Ortner Reinraumtechnik stands not only for decades of experience in the field of cleanroom technology, but also for quality from Austria. read more

High-quality products and services are among the main goals of the Ortner company. We work with the awareness that our products and services must function safely and efficiently for many years. The quality demand on all products and services developed by us is high. Therefore, all our products go through numerous strict testing procedures.

In December 2020, we were audited and re-certified by TÜV according to EN ISO 9001. The agreed measurable standards are binding for all employees in the company.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

1000. LockLine Produkt

1000th product of the LockLine has left production

Recently, the 1000th product of the LockLine series (since 2008) left production. Our anniversary product is a JET personal air shower for a pharmaceutical company in Germany. read more

The technology of the personal air shower is based on the results of a research project and on the basis of simulations, calculations and laboratory tests.

The JET nozzle pulse generates targeted vibrations on the textile surface, ensuring efficient particle removal. To ensure the optimum angle of impact of the air from the nozzles, the position of the person is monitored. This means that every part of the body can be reached and cleaned. The cleaning process is visualized by means of built-in displays.

The laminar displacement flow is elementarily crucial to ensure cleaning success in the air shower. The cleaning results have been tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute.

More information and technical data about the JET personal air shower from Ortner can be found HERE

Kalender 2021

Ortner Calender 2021

“From I to WE. ”
The Ortner Calendar 2021 is dedicated to the topic of responsibility in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A making-off to the project “BetterWorld.”read more

Since the company was founded, people and nature have been an integral part of Ortner’s philosophy. Knowing that we still have to do much more for a “better world”, we also adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Within the scope of our possibilities, we have set ourselves concrete goals to work step by step together with our employees in order to be able to meet the global challenges.

➡️ Behind the scenes: Already in the strategic-creative phase, we dealt intensively with the messages and the corresponding visualizations. An exciting process that we have completed with love and passion. The artistic support of photographer Marta Gillner, who opened the doors of her inexhaustible archive for this purpose, was very helpful.

The central messages and goals are also associated with concrete Ortner activities, which we will present soon. Let me surprise you.

Auswahl der Bilder
Auswahl der Bilder
Auswahl der Bilder
MAD Comfort S6

MAD Comfort S6

You want easy operation, more comfort and safety when working with material hatches? Then the MAD Comfort S6 from Ortner is the right one! The doors can be opened and closed using one-finger operation or voice more

Due to the self-sufficient ventilation system, it does not require any external supply or exhaust air. The particle and germ-free air intake as well as the exhaust air intake via terminal Easy Change HEPA filter system ensure an optimal air flow in the chamber. In addition, the MAD Comfort S6 was developed according to hygienic design specifications and impresses with its easy-to-clean surfaces.

Virusfreie Luft: Ein sauberes Geschäft

Virus-free air: A clean deal

The highly specialized experts in the cleanroom industry agree that they can make a decisive contribution to combating the health crisis. Read more in the Kleine Zeitung more

"Virus-free air: A clean deal" - this is the headline of an interesting article covering the still relevant topic that occupies us all.

The highly specialized experts in the cleanroom industry agree that they can make a decisive contribution to combating the health crisis.

Read more in the Kleine Zeitung article here:

Studie zur Deaktivierung von BSL-3 Insekten mit Wasserstoffperoxid

Study on the deactivation of BSL-3 insects with hydrogen peroxide

Ortner has been conducting research in the field of decontamination with hydrogen peroxide for years and plans, develops and builds plants that work with this more

A recent study entitled “Evaluation of Hydrogen Peroxide Fumigation and Heat Treatment for Standard Emergency Arthropod Inactivation in BSL-3 Insectaries” was published on hydrogen peroxide gasification and heat treatment to inactivate BSL-3 insects that cause communicable diseases. Roland Koller – one of our decontamination experts – was instrumental in the study.

Follow the Link to read the article: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

PDcT Reinraumkleidung

Dyes render germs harmless and obtain industry awards

The Cleanzone Award goes to the development team of TITV Greiz, Ortner Reinraumtechnik and Humboldt University of Berlin for environmentally friendly antimicrobial textiles that are harmless to more

Nov 2020 A newly developed dye makes textiles antimicrobial without damaging the environment and health and without promoting antibiotic resistance. In this way, the innovatively dyed textiles meet two important long-term challenges in the healthcare sector: the increasing ineffectiveness of antibiotics* and high requirements for germ-freeness. This innovative approach of the cooperation between TITV Greiz, Ortner Reinraumtechnik and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has now been awarded the industry prize for cleanroom technology – the Cleanzone Award 2020.

“The special thing about this textile colour is that its antimicrobial effect is not based on toxic substances”, says Josef Ortner, Managing Director of Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH. “This makes them, unlike conventional variants, environmentally friendly and harmless to health.”

The new, antimicrobially dyed textiles can be used, for example, for clothing in cleanrooms, hospitals and nursing homes, but also in the food industry, thus reducing germ contamination in these areas. The textiles are 99. 999% effective against cyanobacteria, molds and algae.

How it works: When exposed to light, the dye produces a special form of oxygen molecules that makes germs harmless

Textiles provide an ideal breeding ground for microbial germs. Therefore, textiles for the medical field or for cleanrooms were so far provided with fungicides or bactericides. These processes represent a high environmental impact and are of health concern. An alternative is a special form of oxygen molecules (singlet oxygen). The textiles are dyed with a special dye. When light hits the textile, Singu-left oxygen is created. This reacts very strongly with organic cells and kills bacteria and fungi. Since singlet oxygen has only a very short life span, it only acts within a radius of about a hundred nanometers around its place of origin – that is, where the dyed textile meets light and oxygen. As a result, it is safe for humans and the effect is produced exactly where it is needed: on the surface of the textiles, which are to be kept germ-free.

* Bundesgesundheitsbl 2018 · 61:533-542, Online published: 9. April 2018 © Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature 2018

About the Cleanzone Award

The Cleanzone Award recognizes people and their entrepreneurial courage to approach things differently than before. The prize is awarded for pioneering advances in innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the field of cleanroom technology. It is awarded during Cleanzone, an international trade fair for contamination control and cleanroom technology. This year, the fair took place digitally for the first time.

Nikolaus Aktion im SOS-Kinderdorf Moosburg

Saint Nicolaus presents for SOS Children's Village in Moosburg

It is a beloved tradition of the Ortner company to surprise the children of the SOS Children's Village Moosburg with self-made Santa Claus more

As every year our employees filled the Saint Nicolaus bags with mandarins, nuts, gingerbread and a chocolate santas. The Raiffeisen Landesbank Kärnten also contributed something to play this year. Saint Nicolaus  himself had to take a break this year due to Corona, so the handover took place together with Gernot Matschnig of Raiffeisenbank. Just in time before St. Nicholas Day, we were able to hand over our Saint Nicolaus bags to the pedagogical management in Moosburg.

Lotus Air 1100

Cleanroom industry solution in the fight against COVID-19

Since air purification systems available on the market have a very limited range of effects due to their compact design, a high noise level and in some cases also a very limited efficiency in terms of the filtering performance of the indoor air, the remedy comes from cleanroom more

With the Lotus Air System, Ortner is launching a high-performance air cleaning system based on a highly effective filter-ventilation system solution that has long been established in the pharmaceutical/food industry and in electronics manufacturing.

Lotus Air can filter up to 99. 995% of bacteria, viruses, pollen, aerosols or solid particles from the ambient air, which can also be carriers of corona viruses.

The filter system creates an environment free of germs and particles and, particularly due to its low noise level and lack of draughts, is very universally suitable for critical zones such as cash desk areas, reception areas, pharmacies, school classes, hotel lobbies, bars, lounges or meeting rooms, but also for various events such as trade fairs and congresses.

Saubere Produktion

Clean technology against overproduction

"Clean technology against overproduction" is the headline of an article in the column PRIMUS of the Kleine Zeitung on the topic "Problem solvers from Austria.
Clean room technology is no longer only used in the pharmaceutical and microelectronics industry.
Read more in the articleread more

"Clean technology against overproduction" is the headline of an article in the column PRIMUS of the Kleine Zeitung on the topic "Problem solvers from Austria.
Clean room technology is no longer only used in the pharmaceutical and microelectronics industry. Some food producers like Hütthaler, Schärdinger Molkerei or Vorarlberger Großbäckerei Bernhard Ölz rely and trust in clean room systems of Ortner.
With the developed systems, not only production and packaging processes can be carried out safely and germ-free, but also, as recently reported, trade fairs and events. The systems are not only safe, but also make sense, considering the positive effects. The use of our systems in the food industry, for example, results in more sustainable production by extending the minimum shelf life. Longer shelf life means less discarded or returned goods. Because "Food is precious. We want to put pressure on decision makers with sustainable projects and innovative products", say Stefanie Rud and Josef Ortner

Click here to read the article:

Cleanzone - Podiumsdiskussion mit Herrn Josef Ortner

Cleanzone Digital Edition - online till 18th of December

This year the Cleanzone fair took place in virtual space. From 18th to 19th ov November experts from the cleanroom industry discussed news and more

Our highlight of the fair was the discussion on "Solutions for the pandemic", in which Josef Ortner took part.

Use your chance to watch all videos from this years cleanzone and visit till 18th of December 2020.



The Carinthian company Ortner employs people from a wide variety of more

Our two apprentices, Mahdi from Afghanistan and Sebastian from Spain, are fresh in attendance. Even if it is sometimes a bit difficult linguistically, both are very interested when Tobias and Wolfram discuss the new gassing nozzle or perform simulations. But you can’t just look over your shoulder, but you can also try yourself. The two support each other actively.


Keep Distance - stay healthy

In order to remindour employees, customers and suppliers to keep the necessary safety distance in our house, there are from now on the government-designated baby elephants in our entrance more

Please take care of yourself! Wash/disinfect your hands regularly and keep the necessary distance!

Together we will get through these times!

At this point, a big thank you goes to the carpentry Erjavec in Villach and Wieser Art in Hermagor for the design of our baby elephant.

FFU bei Wedl

Ortner FFU at Wedl In-house trade

True to the motto „making the impossible possible“, a technical solution from Ortner helped to make an in-house exhibition possible in the era of COVID-19.

In times like these, when there are hardly any events, Handelshaus Wedl was looking for a safe solution to be able to hold their in-house exhibition without endangering the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors and staff.
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Our technicians looked at the location of the fair, analysed it and designed a solution adapted to the premises. The operating principle of Ortner's systems makes it possible to clean the air in the room via multi-stage filters and to reintroduce the filtered particle-free and germ-free air into the room. The airborne harmful microorganisms, whether in liquid or solid form (viruses, bacteria, germs) are eliminated by multi-stage permanent filtration. The system can clean up to 25,000 m3 of air per hour.

"With the air cleaning system used, a separation efficiency of pathogens and very small particles of up to approx. 95% was achieved, which can be proven by the particle germ measurements carried out", says Josef Ortner, CEO Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH.

"We are particularly grateful for the readiness, fast response times and above all for an effective and yet affordable technical solution from Ortner. Thanks to the equipment installed by Ortner, we were able to achieve hygienic and safe conditions during the exhibition and thus actively protect all visitors and staff from contamination. In addition, the systems produce little to no noise, even though they are in permanent use. In addition, there are no drafts. The course of the trade fair is not disturbed at all due to the operation of the facilities," says Jutta Mika, site manager Wedl Villach.

Flow visualization makes the functioning of a filter fan unit visible. FFUs operate by means of low-turbulence laminar flow and ensure a germ-free and safe environment through air filtration.

The video was shot last week during the in-house exhibition at Wedl in Villach.

Zu gut für die Tonne

Too good for the ton

Approximately 760,000 tons (!) food are thrown away in Austria every year. According to a study by the WWF, 491,000 tons could be avoided.

With small steps, such as conscious shopping, proper storage of food and a look at the minimum shelf life date, each individual can contribute to counteracting food more

Our goal as Ortner is to promote responsible consumption and production – recently won a trigos with our project “Too good for the ton” With this project and the facilities developed for this purpose, we have already made a valuable contribution to sustainable food production and we want to continue to do so in the future.

Our customer – the company Hütthaler KG was even able to double the minimum durability of its products with our cleanroom systems by reducing the number of germs without having to resort to chemical additives.

If everyone makes their contribution, we can develop sustainable production and also sustainable consumption together.

Trigos 2020 Nachhaltigkeit


ORTNER Reinraumtechnik wins for the first time an award for sustainability!

For the 10th time, Austria's most prestigious sponsorship from business, media, NGOs and civil society awarded the highly coveted prize in Carinthia to companies that take their responsibility in their core business particularly seriously.
With the project "Too good for the garbage" the Ortner team scored in the category "Social Innovation & Future Challenges".read more


For the 10th time, Austria's most prestigious sponsorship from business, media, NGOs and civil society awarded the highly coveted prize in Carinthia to companies that take their responsibility in their core business particularly seriously.

From "me to us" - this principle has been a deeply rooted corporate value in the successful and internationally active family-owned company in Villach since its foundation in 1985.

For some time now, efforts to ensure a future-oriented cooperation have also been strategically aligned with the global sustainability goals of the United Nations - the Sustainable Development Goals.

With the project "Too good for the garbage" the Ortner team scored in the category "Social Innovation & Future Challenges".

The rigorous jury recognized the performance of DecAx cleanroom technology, which provides improved product safety and extended shelf life for food products, as a particularly socially relevant and sustainable innovation.


Learn more about DecAx technology HERE: 



A cosy afternoon in the Ortner more

Fortunately, the weather played a part in our annual barbecue party yesterday and ensured pleasant temperatures. Our grill masters Egon and Hannes additionally heated.


Qualification of insulators in London

Another example where cleanroom Solutions from Ortner are used:

One of the largest paediatric paediatric clinics in Europe is dedicated to both clinical and scientific basic research. And here, too, research and production is carried out with the help of cleanroom technologies from more

Recently our employees Daniel and Roland were in London to qualify four insulators on site. In the course of the qualification process, IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification) were used to check and document the professional installation and functionality of the systems. The Site Acceptance Test (SAT), which represents the handover of the plant to the customer, was also successfully completed. In addition, three of the plants were re-parameterised in the course of the qualification in order to be available for a current research project around COVID19.


Tailor-made solution: H2O2 lock and AGV

Working in clean rooms is unimaginable without material locks. Wherever heat-sensitive material has to be inserted or aseptic processes have to be protected from the entry of microorganisms and particles, the material sluices with fully automatic H2O2 decontamination from Ortner are more

Depending on the type of material, weight and size, material can be inserted into and removed into the cleanroom via a portable or compact H2O2 lock. The decontamination process begins fully automatically after loading the material to be emitted and can be fully validated. Thanks to its compact design, the lock can be easily integrated into a wide range of clean rooms and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of operators.

Reinraumkleidung einmal anders

Cleanroom clothing in a different way

Tyvek overalls are usually used as protective clothing in clean areas. This special clothing can also be used in other ways, as demonstrated by a workshop organised by Ms. Christine Mirnig as part of the Summertime programme on the subject of ’G’sund & LeiLei' at the Villach City more

In this workshop children processed the Tyvek Overalls we provided and made costumes together with the designer MelAmi. These costumes were presented at a fashion show (inclusive makeup and hairstyle by Ilse Penz) and put on the scene during a photo shoot with Marta Gillner. Representatives of the Bauerngman and the Faschingsgilde were also present.



The precision and validability of the chamber cleaning of a person’s wet shower is just as important as the quality of the decontamination process more

In the development of wet showers, Ortner relies on a qualitative cleaning validation of surfaces.

After the use of a person’s wet shower, the chamber cleaning process begins. To check the efficiency of this cleaning, the riboflavin test is performed. In this fluorescence test, riboflavin is applied to the surfaces before the cleaning procedure and a visual inspection is performed after the cleaning process using a UV lamp. Uncleaned areas are clearly visible through the illumination.

Not only can the cleanability be demonstrated without any doubt, the adjustment of the nozzle function also increases the efficiency of the system: a shorter cleaning time and reduced cleaning cycles mean a clear added value for the user.

H2O2 Catalyst

H2O2 Catalyst

The innovative mobile H2O2 catalyst from Ortner is especially used in large rooms and corridors that have been decontaminated by means of the VHP more

With its high-performance fan (1500m3/h) and the generously dimensioned catalyst units, the process times in the degradation-ventilation phase are significantly reduced. The device is designed for circulating air operation and has 6 special outlet nozzles, which ensure a high induction effect in the room. With the H2O2 catalyst used, the H2O2 degradation process is shorter and therefore also more cost-effective.

Trigos Nominierung

Trigos Nomination

Nominated for the first time at TRIGOS

Austria's only award in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility is backed by a unique sponsorship from business and civil society. Since 2004, a jury of experts has awarded TRIGOS to Austrian flagship companies once a more

In recent years, we have invested a lot of energy, effort and creativity in anchoring sustainable and responsible business practices in our processes and making them visible. We are very pleased that we were able to convince the renowned jury of the organisations respACT (Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development), Caritas, Industriellenvereinigung, Wirtschaftskammer and Umweltdachverband with our submission in the category "Social Innovation & Future Challanges. "

It will be exciting until the gala and award ceremony at the end of August.


Cleanroom solutions for meat and milk processing companies

The hygienic cubes and the hygienic air cooler from Ortner are the effective solution against germs and viruses in the hall air of meat-processed more

 The hygiene cube, which can be placed freely in the hall and is equipped with HEPA filters and wide-throw nozzles, flushes the air in the hall using UVc radiation and a recirculating air volume of 3000 m3/h. The hygienic air cooler with its integrated filter stages with coarse filters and the built-in HEPA filter additionally creates approx. 4500 m3/h microbiologically clean air in the hall. Under these conditions, the hygiene requirements for the meat and delicatessen industry as well as for the milk processing industry are guaranteed.


Insulators for safe production in a sterile areas

Insulators are used wherever there is a biohazard (e. g. micro-organisms, viruses, toxins, etc. ); Hazardous substances are used (e. g. (e. g. in the production of hormones, cytostatics, teratogenic substances, etc. ) or where a sterile environment must be guaranteed during production. read more

The isolators from Ortner are developed on the basis of many years of experience and are further developed on the basis of extensive research activities and optimised on the basis of the respective practical application requirements.

Hotelzimmer mit ISU

H2O2 Decontamination in Hotels

read more

The decontamination of hotel rooms is also possible and sensible with our facilities. Without damaging furniture or equipment in the hotel room, decontamination is proactive against fungi, germs, bacteria or viruses. Due to the safe and environmentally friendly decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide, the hotel room can be rented out safely after six hours.

Virtual Factory Tour

Virtual Factory Tour

In addition to the high quality of our devices, good service is one of the services of our more

Due to the current uncertain situation around Corona, it was not possible to visit our factory in person. For that reason Mr. Stefan Rud, Project Manager at Ortner, made possible a virtual tour of the production facility in Möllbrücke to show where and how Ortner machines are made. He showed and explained individual production steps and answerded to specific questions about isolators.


Fundraising campaign for disadvantaged pupil in Carinthia

The corona crisis was and still is a major challenge for many people.

The State of Carinthia has launched a fundraising campaignin in cooperation with the
Competence Group 4 Clean Production (CG4CP) and the KWF Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds (KWF) to support those pupil who did not have the necessary infrastructure for learning at home during this hard times.

Education is very important to us, and as Ortner we are very happy to support this fundraising campaignin to help pupil to work on their learning success from more

Many pupil do not have the infrastructure at home to follow digital lessons. The companies in the Competence Group 4 Clean Production (CG4CP) support the laptop donation campaign launched by the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF) and the State of Carinthia.

HomeSchooling for everyone should benefit those students who had not that technical equipment at home to be able to follow the lessons.

The six companies of the Competence Group 4 Clean Production (CG4CP) are committed to promoting young talent. Their concepts support regionalism and the strengthening of the Carinthian economic area.

Competence Group 4 Clean Production
Stefanie Rud, CEO Ortner Group

Corporate Social Responsibility

For our company Ortner, sustainability is an important topic. Because we are convinced that sustainable action and long-term thinking help to create and maintain natural foundations of life and still makes us enable to react to faster more

We are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Within the scope of our possibilities, we do everything to achieve these goals.

For more information: Company -> Corporate Social Responsibility

Schutzmodul vor Kontaminanten

Solution based on clean room technology to protect people from air-borne, harmful microorganisms

The laminar flow system is a device for achieving a turbulence-free air flow, whereby microbiological contamination can be avoided. Safe and effective air filtration provides a germ-free environment and thus protects people from contamination. The system creates a germ and particle-free environment and is particularly suitable for critical zones such as cash register areas or more

Measures to avoid or reduce harmful microorganisms have been successfully applied for many years in various industries, such as in pharmaceuticals or food production. In the current situation we find ourselves in, these procedures an contribute to safety and prevention — and thus minimize the health risk.

Corona crisis and learning from other industries
The starting point for our measures is cleanroom technology. This is a manufacturing process for aseptic production, as used in the abovementioned areas. This technology contributes to prevention and contamination risk reduction, as well as to protecting human health.

Challenges and risks
Airborne viruses, bacteria, and germs pose a health hazard. Uncontrolled transmission of harmful germs by potential carriers — whether customers or employees — can pose a significant health threat. 
Employees such as those in the checkout zone are located in the direct area of contact with customers. The risk of airborne contamination is always present. Partitions such as Plexiglas aprons serve as more of a physical barrier and provide limited protection.

A cleanroom technology solution for retail

Effective solution through laminar flow technology
The laminar flow technique is a setup for achieving a vortex-free air flow, which makes microbiological contamination avoidable. The laminar displacement flow ensures that impurities are removed from the air. Safe and effective air filtration provides an aseptic environment and thus protects people from contamination. The system creates germ- and particle-free surroundings and is particularly suitable for critical areas such as checkout zones.

How does the system work?
The system sucks air from the room, the air is cleaned via multi-stage filters, and the filtered particle-and germ-free air is then blown into the room. The harmful airborne microorganisms, whether in liquid or solid form (viruses, bacteria, germs), are minimized and thus do not burden individuals.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

VHP Decontamination

You are not alone. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you and help you with decontamination.

As an internationally active specialist in the field of cleanroom technology and decontamination processes, we are aware of our role and responsibility. This is why we are constantly developing our technology and processes to provide innovative answers to new questions. read more

Rarely do we feel just how closely humanity is interconnected and how vulnerable it is. Microorganisms never stand still – viruses, bacteria and spores are constantly changing and continually pose new challenges to humankind.

As an internationally active specialist in the field of cleanroom technology and decontamination processes, we are aware of our role and responsibility. This is why we are constantly developing our technology and processes to provide innovative answers to new questions. 

Especially in these uncertain times, it is particularly important to us that we are there for you. Our specialists are always ready to support you in the planning, execution and implementation of projects and to work according to your needs.

Today, the issue of effective and rapid decontamination of surfaces is more important than ever before. Gaseous H2O2 decontamination eliminates germs on surfaces, is effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould (including HIV, influenza, hepatitis, COV) and can be used for almost any room, regardless of type and size.

A renowned bio-laboratory partner from Germany made the following statement about the effectiveness of H2O2 decontamination methods against coronavirus:
“The H2O2 technology shows good efficacy against coronavirus: due to the same virus structure of MVA (Modified vaccinia Virus Ankara) and coronavirus, the two are comparable. And here we have had very positive experiences with H2O2: The depletion of MVA by means of gaseous H2O2 decontamination has been proven to work well.”  

The H2O2 decontamination method is a modern and practical procedure and is one of Ortner's core technologies. There are numerous arguments for using H2O2 decontamination:

  • Safe and effective
  • Fast and evaluable
  • Wide range of applications

In the last few days we have received many inquiries about the correct handling and use of our H2O2 decontamination technology. Although the H2O2 decontamination method is one of the safest technologies of its kind, careful handling is nonetheless required. Strict safety measures must be adhered to when handling liquid H2O2 in particular. It is therefore particularly important that operators be well instructed and properly informed. 

Our experts from the Ortner DECON Team are available to provide advice and support and can accompany you during the decontamination process from start to finish. 

You are not alone. Get in touch with us, our experienced team will be happy to advise you and help you if you have any doubts or questions. Together we can beat this.

We wish you and your families good health!

Wir sind für Sie da

Corona Virus

In view of the current situation, we would like to encourage you and give you an idea of our expertise and services that might be of interest to you under the current circumstances.

We are here for you in these difficult times and have the know-how to support your company in the best possible way!

Please feel free to contact us for special requests - together we will find the optimal solution for you.
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For 20 years our main focus has been on the planning and production of plants, equipment and systems for the creation of particulate and microbiological purity. The H2O2 decontamination method has been proven to be effective for a large number of virus strains.

At present, it is planned to test the effectiveness in cooperation with a transport company, on buses and traction vehicles for the current application "Virus SARS-CoV-2", to kill the CoV-2 viruses.
We produce corresponding plant equipment in our production in Möllbrücke. Due to the current situation, our application engineers are available promptly.
We also receive inquiries for disinfection / decontamination with a cold fogging process.
This procedure is absolutely justified and is also used in special areas and situations (often in the food sector and subordinate pharmaceutical and medical rooms and facilities).
The limits of a cold fogging process are the risk of ambient saturation and the resulting possible drop separation and the conditionally good moisture distribution - concentration distribution.
As an alternative to cold fogging, the method of H2O2 hot air fumigation using special fumigation generators has become established worldwide. In this process, H2O2 is vaporized by a heating plate and blown into the room / chamber by means of high-pressure fans.

3-Wege-H202 Dekontaminationsschleuse

Ortner as partner for the installation of a complex H2O2 lock

For the special edition of SWISS PHARMA, Klaus Gretter, Sales Manager Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH, reports on the complexity of the project at the Kantonsapotheke more

Our client - the Kantonsapotheke Zürich

The Kantonsapotheke Zürich is one of the leading hospital pharmaceutical competence centres in Switzerland. The focus is on the use of the latest technologies for the production of remedies. For the new building at the Kantonsapotheke Zürich a 3-way H2O2 decontamination airlock with integrated laminar flow was developed by Ortner Reinraumtechnik.

Ortner's expertise in H2O2 airlocks and decontamination technologies

H2O2 airlocks are among the most practical decontamination systems in the life science and pharmaceutical sectors. The environmentally friendly H2O2 technology allows an almost unlimited application for material-friendly lock processes. Based on past experience and innovative plant engineering, H2O2 lock technology is a very safe decontamination method and is "state of the art" today. In addition to perfecting H2O2 input and output, Ortner has been working in recent years on the development of high-performance compact systems. Thanks to this system development, safe and flexible H2O2 solutions are available for a wide range of applications.

Project H2O2 locks for the new building of the Kantonsapotheke Zürich

The special feature of the installed H2O2 decontamination airlock was to construct a 3-way airlock in order to safely guarantee the loading situations for all 3 infeed and outfeed directions. The challenge here was, despite the 3-way solution, to ensure the best possible distribution of the hydrogen peroxide via additional ceiling nozzles.

In order to be able to reproduce the complex production process easily for daily use, a comprehensive decontamination concept was developed and introduced. Together with the Kantonsapotheke Zurich, the monitoring system was developed and integrated to meet the specific challenges of the pharmacy. The user can now select different loader recipes for different loading conditions. A validated system was handed over.

The challenge of cycle times

For the Cantonal Pharmacy of Zurich it was a great challenge to define the exact loading situations in advance. Because the fact is: Optimized cycle development and validation is only possible if the batch carts are always consistently loaded. In this project, Ortner was able to achieve a fast cycle of approx. 30 minutes for the loading conditions glass and metal containers. For the plastics (overpacked Petri dishes, overpacked disinfectant containers, PE bags, etc.) a cycle time of less than 60 minutes could be achieved through optimal distribution logistics on the loading carts. The total cycle time is mainly influenced by the absorption behaviour of the objects, especially of plastics in the airlock. This means that the most critical time factor is in the aeration phase, as the airlock can only be unloaded again when the prescribed mak value of < 0.5 ppm is reached.

Various materials show a strong absorption of airborne hydrogen peroxide during the decontamination phase.

This is followed by a long desorption phase during the ventilation of controlled environmental conditions such as an H2O2 airlock. A clumsy choice of material or an incorrect loading configuration can therefore possibly lead to a very long ventilation phase. This phenomenon is one of the main reasons for the discrepancy between theoretical and real values when estimating the aeration phase of a plant to be decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide. For this reason, our design of decontamination plants is based on a special simulation program, by which e.g. the placement of the injection areas for hydrogen peroxide can be defined exactly in advance. Thus, a very precise indication of the expected cycle times can be realized.

Successful completion of the project

As with any decontamination project, in the final phase a cycle validation and all necessary measurements using chemical and biological indicators were performed to provide evidence of a log-6 reduction. Sterility testing as well as weld seam testing and weld seam documentation were part of the qualification in order to meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements.

To determine the "decontamination value", i.e. the time period during which a biological indicator is inactivated in a quantum region based on a series of experimental data, Ortner uses the "Limited-Holcomb-Spearman-Karber method".

To carry out this procedure, an exposure time must be evaluated in advance. This is divided into several time ranges of equal size, whereby all three time ranges of the survival curve of the biological indicator must be covered:
- The survival time (all survive);
- The Survival-Kill Window (mixed);
- The kill time.

At Ortner we use this scientific method to verify the bio-indicators used and to determine the D-value for each sample location of a load. The biggest advantage of this method is the reliable determination of the shortest possible cycle time, e.g. for H2O2-locks with high throughput density.

We are pleased that we were able to make a significant contribution to the challenging project "Kantonsapotheke Zürich" and wish her all the best for the future!

Referenzbeispiel Zyklusentwicklung
Mikroelektronik Service Park

Green light for the Villach microelectronics service park at the site of former Ford Sintschnig in Villach

"Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."
The Villach-based family business Ortner Reinraumrechnik is now putting an innovative concept into practice. The initiative and basis for this project is the service park in Kundl, which was built by the six Carinthian companies of the "Competence Group for Clean Production" in more

Josef Ortner, founder and mastermind of Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH and one of the initiators, sees the microelectronics service park project as the perfect solution for creating synergies and efficient interfaces between microelectronics industrial companies and suppliers. The primary goal is the bundling and active development of professional competencies, but also to standardize and simplify distribution and logistics processes as well as services. Another goal is to develop an independent engineering team of experts for the microelectronics and electronics industry, which will operate nationwide. On board are five other highly specialised Carinthian companies that joined forces a few years ago to form the "Compentence Group" in order to increase their commitment to cooperation initiatives in clean room technology and to economic concepts in Carinthia.

The ideal location for the project was quickly found. Following the strategic decision by Benjamin Sintschnig, GF of Ford Sintschnig, to bundle expertise and sales in Klagenfurt from now on, the two entrepreneurial families quickly agreed. "We are very pleased that with the sale of our company premises we can contribute to the realisation of a great idea from which not only the central region of Carinthia, but also the entire Southern Alps region and many other companies will benefit.

After a short planning phase, several companies are to be accommodated in the Villach Servicepark within the next few months.

Sterilisation Wasserstoffperoxid

The latest development for complex decontamination processes

The only decontamination facility in Europe with a 60 litre H2O2 reservoir is now in operation. read more

The only decontamination facility in Europe with a 60 litre H2O2 reservoir is now in operation. Specially designed for applications where powerful and complex decontamination processes are required. An individual solution for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide.

More Info:

Automated material transport and decontamination

Automated material transport & decontamination

Digitalization in practice:
Decontamination locks in conjunction with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)read more

Like all other work processes in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, logistical processes
are subject to strict hygiene requirements. In applications where different clean room requirements
are placed on the individual rooms, a material transition is only possible through a decontamination
lock. Self-sufficient transportation of materials within a production facility primarily relies on driverless
transport systems (so-called AGVs), which are particularly ideal for improved efficiency in production
facilities with strict requirements for cleanliness. Ortner’s H₂O₂decontamination locks are designed
such that they can easily communicate with AGVs.

Communication as an integral component
What is new is that the H₂O₂ decontamination locks from Ortner are equipped with a Profinet and an OPC interface to facilitate data exchange between different systems e.g., the AGVs or the building management system. This allows materials, such as those located on the unclean side, to be moved autonomously to the clean side.

How it works
The H₂O₂ locks developed by Ortner open automatically by communicating with the driverless
transport system and building automation system and autonomously initiate the decontamination
process. To avoid problems, the communication interface is optimized so that the data transmission
to the H₂O₂ lock or operation management system can be guaranteed without failures.

The result
Flexibility, security, adaptability and autonomy with respect to decontaminating materials on a
driverless transport systemwithin a decontamination lock.

Raumdekontamination H2O2

Hydrogen peroxide - decontamination concepts in practical testing

The use of vaporous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for decontamination in the pharmaceutical industry has increased significantly over the last ten years.
H2O2 decontamination has clear advantages over previously established processes such as formaldehyde, ethylene oxide and chlorine dioxide. However, there are also limits and applications in which H2O2 does not achieve a usable more

Ready for the future: Ortner expands its management team

Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH can look back on several years of commercial success: its economic indicators have improved and its trading regions have been expanded. The company has therefore decided to take another step forward to prepare for the future and is expanding its management team. read more

Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH can look back on several years of commercial success: its economic indicators have improved and its trading regions have been expanded. The company has therefore decided to take another step forward to prepare for the future and is expanding its management team.

The Ortner Group has decided to strengthen its management at two locations in order to respond to its economic success of recent years and to initiate a change of generations: the company is appointing two managing directors, Matthias Buttazoni and Michael Rötzer, and two authorized signatories, Katharina Ortner and Hannes Knes. The newly appointed members of the management team, together with Stefanie Rud and Josef Ortner, who will continue their managerial work as usual, will strengthen the company with their expertise and skills.

New authorized signatories

Hannes Knes is responsible for hook-up management. Installing and uninstalling systems and machines has been one of the core competencies of the company since it was founded. Currently up to 50 employees work in this branch of the business.

Katharina Ortner has also taken over as manager of the Möllbrücke site. This company site is responsible for mechanical engineering and stainless steel production. With about 30 employees, Katharina Ortner will be taking care of production and commissioning of the Ortner systems.

The extended management board

Matthias Buttazoni has taken over technical management of the Villach site. The graduate in process engineering was previously responsible for mechanical and electrical engineering at Treibacher Industrie AG. Together with Stefanie Rud, who will continue to look after commercial management, he will support the company as it moves forward into the future. 

Michael Rötzer is managing director of the new Ortner branch in Wiesbaden/Germany. He has previously worked as a managing director with various medium-sized international companies. The new branch is in the perfect strategic location and will grow further under Michael Rötzer in the coming years.  

Isolators from Ortner Reinraumtechnik

Isolators are cleanroom modules which are working under a defined differential pressure in order to fully separate a process area from the operator. In the life-science industry in particular, isolators have become indispensable. They make it possible to control the environment and reduce the contamination risk during aseptic processing. read more

The isolator systems of the Ortner Group were developed by drawing on many years of experience with this technology. The models are being further developed through extensive research work and are being optimized through practical use requirements. Ortner isolators fit the paradigm of integrated innovation, can be used in many different ways, and offer numerous advantages compared to many other cleanroom solutions: from minimization of risk to energy efficiency.

Josef Orter at the congress

Ortner Reinraumtechnik wins the "SME-Award of world market leaders"!

In mid-November 2018, Ortner Reinraumtechnik was positively surprised by winning the "SME Award of World Market Leaders". An award that is focused on medium-sized companies and honors them for their outstanding more

In mid-November 2018, Ortner Reinraumtechnik was positively surprised by winning the "SME Award of World Market Leaders". An award that is focused on medium-sized companies and honors them for their outstanding achievements. The outstanding SME companies are proposed and nominated by Austrian world market leaders. The performances are evaluated in the following areas:

Excellence and competence: which companies do extraordinary things and stand out?
Creativity and passion: which companies inspire us and are particularly innovative?
Courage and Decision-Making: Which companies are breaking new ground and making courageous / clear / quick decisions?
Quality and responsibility: Which companies make their business sustainable and future-oriented?
Social responsibility and involvement: Which companies motivate employees and demonstrate leadership?
Change Competence and Flexibility: Which companies deal best with change?

Of the nominated companies, the top 4 companies got selected after a "background check" and proposed for the jury. This independent jury decided that Ortner Reinraumtechnik most fulfilled these criteria. We are very glad about this win and would like to thank everyone who is responsible for this award!
© Viennamotion KG / Krisztian Juhasz

For more information:

Competence Group for Clean Production

Competence Group for Clean Production "CG4CP"

Combined know-how from 6 companies and 700 employees.
The focus is not only on the production of products and systems for industrial customers with cleanroom requirements, but also on the associated planning and maintenance work-so to say Full service for customersread more

The “Competence Group for Clean Production” (CG4CP) is an association of innovative companies with cleanroom expertise. The Group was created in May 2016 as part of the KWF supplier development program “Clean Production Kärnten (2016)” and is pursuing an ambitious goal: bringing competences together and, as a result, offering joint services to the market. Each cooperation partner serves certain industries and has the corresponding skills and expertise. The amalgamation of these competences allows extensive “cross innovation” projects to be implemented. The benefit to the customer: full service projects run under one roof.

A networked culture of innovation

The network now comprises six companies, including Ortner Reinraumtechnik, which together employ around 600 staff and generate an annual turnover of approx. EUR 80 million. The particular competences of the CG4CP are building technology and structural engineering, process systems and ultra-pure media, apparatus construction, electrical and energy technology and process technology. The key criterion in the success of the Group is the culture of innovation. This means, among other things: thinking on a long-term scale, fast implementation, the courage to “think big”, maximum time saving and working as a partnership with mutual respect. The positive implementation of a number of joint projects is strengthening the continued collaboration of the GG4CP. Current projects include cooperation projects for the site expansion of Böhringer Ingelheim in Vienna, the Kundl service park in Tirol and the Infineon service park in Carinthia.

“Our Group is particularly strong when it comes to recognizing market requirements and customer problems, developing optimal solutions on that basis and implementing them successfully,” explains Josef Ortner. “Our core competences are recognizing-developing-implementing – in this way, we are able to act together to the benefit of our customers.

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Ortner übernimmt die Vertriebs- und Serviceagenten für Berner Werkbänke in Österreich

Ortner as a sales and service partner for Berner workbenches in Austria

Since June 2017 the Ortner Group has been an official sales and service partner for the Berner workbenches and cytostatic workbenches in more
Vertriebspartner in Dänemark

Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH and Holm & Halby Sign Distribution Agreement for the Danish Market

The distribution agreement is an important step in Ortner Group’s strategy to expand into new markets in Northern Europe and other selected more

Ortner Group, the Austrian leading specialist and manufacturer of barrier, containment and decontamination solutions, and Holm & Halby, the largest distributor of laboratory and cleanroom solutions in Denmark, have announced an agreement to offer the complete range of Ortner solutions to Danish customers in the public and private sectors.

The distribution agreement is an important step in Ortner Group’s strategy to expand into new markets in Northern Europe and other selected markets. Ortner Group has in recent years made substantial investments in the development of new technologies and solutions for the barrier, containment and decontamination market.

Stefanie Rud, VP of Sales, of Ortner Group stated: We are in the process of a market expansion. In Holm & Halby Ortner has now a very competent partner with strong sales resources and competent technical support and aftersales capabilities to develop the Danish market. In regard to industry sector focus the match is ideal as Holm and Halby targets the same industry sectors - pharma, research, hospital and food - as Ortner. We look very much forward to introducing our solutions with Holm & Halby to new customers in the Danish market.

Dorte Makholm Michelsen, Sales Manager of Holm & Halby added: With this distribution agreement with Ortner Group we add new product categories like Air- & Wetshowers, Material Transfer Locks, H₂O₂ (hydrogen peroxide) generators and aseptic isolators to our range of offerings. These new categories are complementing our product portfolio perfectly and are a good opportunity to address a broader segment of the Danish market with world-class technology and solutions.

About Holm & Halby
Holm & Halby is Denmark's leading laboratory equipment and service provider. With a dedicated and well-educated team, Holm & Halby have extensive expertise in consulting, training and servicing equipment for Danish market. The company is always at the forefront of innovative solutions from the world's leading manufacturers. It makes us in a position to give individual clients individual advice, service and support focusing on the right solution for the current needs.

Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft

Winner. From passion

Quality and qualification as the strength of the Austrian business locationsread more

Winner from passion: quality and qualification as the strength of the Austrian business locations

The company Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH was awarded the Carinthian Innovation and Research Prize ECONOVIUS and HOUSKA Prize 2016 in 2016. The company has been recognized by the Economic Chamber Austria (WKO), the Federal Industry Sector for Crafts & Trades and is thus "Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft."(Winner. From Passion)


Automatically germ-free

Ortner Reinraumtechnik has implemented a fully automated cleanroom decontamination system with H2O2 in Lactosan’s cleanroom production more

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PDc Technologie – einsetzbar für alle Bereiche, wo biologische Kontamination eine wesentliche Rolle spielt

Verified: Light beats germs

PDcT – technology to all areas where biological contamination plays a major roleread more

Everywhere where people work in sensitive areas such as intensive care units, high security laboratories and vaccination units, they need to be protected from dangerous germs and other pathogens. In this regard, cross-contamination is a problematic issue.

As always, transferring germs on textile surfaces is a sore point for these areas. A certain benefit can be gained by constant changing of clothing. But the limits of practical feasibility are soon reached with the current measures. The Ortner company, along with its two partners, Dastex GmbH – for textile technology – and M. Dohmen – a color specialist – has developed a new technology that achieves a reduction in risk of 90 % in the spread of germ colonies by textile surfaces after as little as 3,7 minuteswithout changing clothes. The surface disinfection is done in the fully clothed state. 

Tested Technology
Comprehensive testing has confirmed the operation, efficacy, effectiveness and the suitability of the fabric for industrial use. Independent scientific testing institutions, such as the renowned Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation and the well-known Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation IPA, carried out comprehensive tests in the second half of 2014 and 2015 and even awarded this technology a prize.

Areas of Application
Opportunities for clinical use include e.g. oncology, neonatology, intensive care units, ward rooms and aftercare units for transplant patients. Photodynamic disinfection of the Ortner cleanroom technology is already being used with success in the pharmaceutical and food production sectors.

Partner in Iran

Sales partners in IRAN

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Partner in Iran

Pharma Industry
Armaghan Dyiar Dariush Co. Ltd.
Unit 4, No. 96, Ebne Sina St., Asadabadi Sq., Theran, I.R.IRAN
Postal Code: 14346-53616
Tel: +98-21-8862 9525 Fax: +98-21-89781338

Food Industry
Unit 7, No. 41, Parser b, Zand av Shiraz Iran
Postal Code: 7134777799
Tel: +98 (0) 713233 3332 Fax: +98 (0) 713235 0192

Firmenjubiläum Ortner 30 Jahren

30th anniversary of the Ortner company - a celebration with a view to the future

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Seit 1986 steht der Namen der Familie Ortner für Ihr Unternehmen. Mit Begeisterung, Neugierde und auch einem guten Maß an Unbekümmertheit wurde aus einem kleinen Installationsbetrieb, ein internationales Unternehmen am Markt der Reinraumtechnik.

Technologiereferentin Gaby Schaunig gratulierte zur außergewöhnlichen Erfolgsgeschichte und strich hervor, dass die Ortner Group herausragendes Beispiel für innovatives und gleichzeitig verantwortungsvolles Wirtschaften sei.

„Die Leidenschaft und Begeisterung, mit der Josef Ortner neue Ideen entwickelt, ist ansteckend. Der große Einsatz der Unternehmerfamilie und der gesamten Belegschaft ist das Erfolgsgeheimnis“, sagte Schaunig, die dem Firmengründer darüber hinaus dafür dankte, „dass er zusätzlich zur Leitung seines eigenen Unternehmens aktiv an der Weiterentwicklung von Wirtschaftskonzepten für Kärnten mitwirkt“.

Mit dem Projekt „Bäume für die nächsten Generationen“ schließt sich für die Unternehmerfamilie der Kreis im Hinblick auf verantwortungsvolles Wirtschaften, denn seit Bestehen des Unternehmens liegt den Ortners die Welt, in der sie leben und arbeiten dürfen sehr am Herzen.

Ortner Reinraumtechnik Bäume für die nächsten Generationen

Trees for the next generations

Within the framework of the 40th children´s and family celebration in the SOS Children's Village Moosburg, the first fruit tree of a orchard planted by Ortner was solemnly more

Children have the right of a good world. We adults have to take care of what world we leave them.  Under the motto “Think globally and act locally”, we have decided on concrete actions. Our project “Trees for the next generation” means more to us than “simply” signing up to the climate protection idea, because since the establishment of our company we value the world in which we live and work in and assume social responsibility. 

“As forward-looking company, we are proactive rather than reactive and drive innovation and awareness training for climate protection by planting trees, and thus affect the CO2 balance positively. We firmly believe that it is exactly these “little things” that will bring great results. Since the inception of our company 30 years ago, we have actively assumed social responsibility with targeted support for future generations. However, it is also the need of the moment to commit more strongly to the needs of our environment. We find it great the valuable work that is done in the SOS Children´s Villages around the world. The entire team of Ortner cleanrooms helps with the launch of our project “Tree for the next generation” as part of the 40th Children and Family Festival in Moosburg and planted an orchard for many subsequent children´s village generations”, explains Stefanie Rud, Vice-President Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH.

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