Gassing nozzle Mobile

Gassing nozzle Mobile
The Ortner PLUS
  • as a patented system it suits various decontamination projects
  • individually adjustable elements provide optimal decontamination results
  • both shape and control assure that air circulates in the room in a very short time
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request

The Mobile Gassing Nozzle has been developed for room decontamination with H₂O₂ for pharmaceutical industry, livestock breeding, research plants, BSL3 and BSL4 laboratories as well as for hospitals, copious pharmacies and the food industrie. The mobile gassing nozzle works with an ISU Unit. Rooms which need to be treated for utmost effect and in irregular intervals can be sterilized and decontaminated with that system in a simply and economically.

Technical specifications
  • Housing and surface material
    Stainless steel 1.4301 brushed
  • Electrical connection
    Electrical supply comes from ISU unit
  • Capacity
    Up to 800 m3/h
  • Velocity of emission H2O2
    15 – 30 m/sec
  • for more information please see data sheet or upon request
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