Mobile H2O2 catalyst

Mobile H2O2 catalyst
The Ortner PLUS
  •  Especially for large rooms and corridors that are decontaminated with VHP processes
  • Shorter and more cost-effective H2O2 degradation process
  • Powerful fan (1500m3/h)
  • Flexible operation thanks to integrated HMI, different timer function and different interfaces
  • Integrated RGB-LED light bar

A new product in the field of H2O2 decontamination can be found in the mobile H2O2 catalyst from Ortner. This is used in particular in room decontamination, where large rooms or corridors should be decontaminated via VHP process and short process times are required.

As a challenge in H2O2 decontamination, large-area plastic surfaces or other materials are repeatedly considered, which only release the absorbed H2O2 gas mixture very slowly.

This is exactly where the mobile catalytic converter is used, as its powerful fan (1500m3/h) and generously dimensioned catalytic converter units significantly reduce the process times during the dismantling/ventilation phase.

The device is designed for recirculating air operation and has 6 special outlet nozzles, which ensure a high induction effect in the room. The device is manufactured as a stand-alone unit and can be operated independently of the generator manufacturer. An integrated HMI, different timer functions, as well as various interfaces (Profinet, Potential-free contacts) enable flexible operation. Optionally, the device can also be equipped with a W-LAN interface, which enables control even outside the room. As with all Ortner devices, an RGB LED light strip that can be viewed from all sides constantly provides information about the system condition.

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