PDc-Cleanroom Clothing

PDc-Cleanroom clothing
The Ortner PLUS
  • To decontaminate people in their working environment and thus to minimize the transmission of germs by humans
  • surface disinfection of the fabric in a dressed condition avoids costly dressing processes and a constant change of clothing during the work
  • any side effects to the human skin
  • washing tests according to DIN EN ISO 15797 have been successful

The PDc-Cleanroom Clothing is an innovative further development of conventional cleanroom clothing with an additional high disinfecting effect.

The status quo: Wearing conventional cleanroom clothing in cleanrooms and hygiene areas is a matter of course. Different types of textiles, materials and fabrics cover the needs of different industry requirements. Extensive studies and qualification tests confirm the skin compatibility, wearing comfort and retention capacity of Ortner products.

The innovation: PDc-Cleanroom Clothing is a special type of cleanroom clothing: cleanroom fabric, dyed with special dye, produces an antimicrobial effect with no side effects for the skin when exposed to light.

The product is available in various designs with the appropriate supplements.

Clothing options

• Overall
• Two-piece outfit
• Overcoat
• Head cover with mouthguard
• Apron
• Cover cloth

Technical specifications of PDc-Dastat fabric
  • Fabric type
    Dastat-PDcT Type: K21-78-41-A2 and K11-78-31-A
  • Fabric material 
    Polyester (PES)
  • Grammage 
  • Air permeability 
    Approx. 50 l/min, dm²
  • Color 
  • Wash fastness 
    Color change 4-5 at 60 °C ISO 9237-C06
  • Wash resistance 
    > 80 wash cycles according to RKI at 70 °C with no loss of effect
  • Antibacterial effect 
    Approx. 99% (Laboratory Graz University of Technology / Roombiotic)
  • Microbiological effectiveness 
    Gram-positive / gram-negative / protein / lipids / nucleic acids
  • Cleanroom class suitability 
    At least C according to GMP / ISO 5-6
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