Customer-specific requirements

Customer-specific requirements
The Ortner PLUS
  • easy and rapid integration of H₂O₂ locks into factory environments
  • locks must be efficiently qualified against a good international standard
  • operations to be economical over the entire life cycle

Compact design with integrated high-performance H₂O₂ generator model

Flexibility and space are the most precious goods in most factories. That is why Ortner H₂O₂ locks are designed to be very compact.

In addition to the high-performance H₂O₂ generator module, the entire air technology, all control and EMSR components are integrated in a very small space and sufficient performance reserves still remain for changing process requirements (depending on the respective version).

From the planning stage, through integration to qualification and cycle development, these locks are designed to be fully integrated into the customer´s facility within a few weeks.

Luft und Gasführung

The air and gas control in the Ortner H₂O₂ lock was calculated and coordinated in complex CFD simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The type of gas input and suction is decisive for fast and efficient cycle times. The gas is supplied according to a pulsed, turbulent flow principle. The high-performance ISU unit significantly accelerates the H₂O₂ process.

Door element

The door system is one of the most important guaranties for the tightness and functioning of a lock system. Due to the high stress, doors are also the most sensitive components. In addition to a high glass content, the new door system contains a number of technical details that ensure safety, function and long service life.

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