Cycle Development

The cycle development is a method to adjust the decontamination process optimally to the environmental condition and to the respective loading situation, which is necessary for the process to be successful.

The cycle development serves for effective and successful decontamination and defines the amount of evaporated H₂O₂ and the duration of the decontamination process.

Professional cycle development contains:

  • Constructive input in possible loading situations
  • Definition of risk areas such as material quality
  • Specification of worst case scenarios
  • Interpretation of chemical and biological indicators
  • Avoidance of condensation at critical points

Optional in room decontamination: CFD simulation at project start.

Dry versus wet
  - a result of cycle development

H₂O₂ condensation always occurs when the temperature falls below the dew point on surfaces. Whether the condensate is separated (wet process) is a physical result and is generator independent. 

The fumigation cycle is crucial for avoiding condensation. Special flow techniques can be used to prevent condensation or to remove it rapidly.
Dry processes are generally easier on the material and at the same time allow for a higher gas concentration resulting in reduced cycle times.

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